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Private midwifery care at Sir Stanley Clayton ward - Queen Charlotte's

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isitwinetimeyet16 Sat 30-Dec-17 07:59:53

Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone has experience of the private midwifery package at the Sir Stanley Clayton ward at Queen Charlotte’s? Am keen to have another VB if possible following my DD’s birth in 2015 - 30 weeks pregnant at the moment. Have a tour booked for next week but wondered if anyone had any recent experiences! TIA

isitwinetimeyet16 Sun 31-Dec-17 18:40:07

Hopeful bump!

isitwinetimeyet16 Tue 02-Jan-18 19:08:12


TK1930 Sun 07-Jan-18 15:45:24

Hi how was your tour?
I’m booked there but it will be my first time at QC so I dont have much info to share!

isitwinetimeyet16 Fri 12-Jan-18 06:53:48

Hi @TK1930! Tour was good and I'm booked in there now. having to have all my appointments on catch-up as have only met one of the midwives so far! When are you due?

frm1012 Tue 13-Mar-18 11:52:51

Hi ladies @TK1930 @isitwinetimeyet16
How has your experience with private midwifery services at Sir Stanley Clayton ward been so far? How was the antenatal appointments and how was the actual birth experience? I’m 25 weeks now and planning on booking in but it would be helpful knowing of other experiences first. Thanks xx

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