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38 weeks aches and pains

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countryred Fri 29-Dec-17 15:47:01

I am 38+3. Woke up at about 5am with a really bad ‘stitch’ like pain on right hand side. It’s not gone away all day and I have been having the odd contraction-type feeling throughout the day - but they have not been regular. It’s stopped me from being able to do anything. Can barely stand or walk it hurts so much. Not sure what to do, don’t want to phone hospital as not having regular contractions and midwife not back from Christmas hols till the 2nd jan. Any advice?

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Hotpinkangel19 Fri 29-Dec-17 16:27:18

No advice but this happened to me too, woke up with the stitch like pain, and contractions that just vanished!!!! I'm 38+6 today

Waitingonasmile Fri 29-Dec-17 17:24:05

Also 38+3 and I had exactly the same stitch like pain on right side today. I bounced on ball and after several bowel movements it went away!

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