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Prolaspe & medical management of miscarriage

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Greymoon2016 Wed 27-Dec-17 14:18:59

Hello can any one offer advice I'm having medical management tomorrow for my missed miscarriage but I have a bladder prolaspe I'm wondering if the contraction type stuff that will happen will put pressure on the prolaspe and make it worse? Many thanks

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MsP0b Thu 28-Dec-17 16:47:10

I don't have any experience to share but wish you all the very best and a speedy recovery xxx hugs

BumpowderSneezeonAndSnot Thu 28-Dec-17 20:22:27

Sorry for your loss. I have had a number of miscarriages most i dealt with naturally and one surgically. I have a bladder and bowel prolapse and none of my miscarriages caused them to worsen or had any effects on them.

Wishing you comfort in the days ahead

Greymoon2016 Fri 29-Dec-17 19:14:40

I'm sorry for your losses they hurt both emotionally and physically. I managed through the medical route but it hurt like hell and i bled alot now I've got to carry on with life I suppose thank you for taking the time to reply

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MsP0b Mon 01-Jan-18 20:34:29

Glad you're through the procedure. Take care xxx Happier times ahead.

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