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Tell your childbirth story here! Here's mine <3

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PotatoesGunnaPotate Sat 16-Dec-17 23:28:57

I was 11 days overdue (3 failed sweeps), me and DH went to the hospital at 8am as I was booked in for induction. I was checked over, I was 2cm or so dilated but not in labour. A pessary tablet was put "up there" around 9:30am. I was check again at 12ish, Midwife broke my waters then. She said she'd come back at 2 to set the induction up (plug me into the drip). Luckily at 1:45pm I started getting dull back pains on and off. Midwife was delayed and came back to see me at 3pm. She hooked me up to the monitor and confirmed I was having contractions, I was given a birthing ball shortly after. Contractions got stronger and stronger in my back. Midwife came at 4:30pm asked if I would like to use the birthing pool. I though hmm why not, at this point I was bouncing on the birthing ball a lot as it seemed to help me get through the contractions. At 5pm I was given gas and air (felt very high the first few puffs) shortly after the feeling high novelty wore off but the gas and air was still helping. Eventually contractions made their way round to my bump (felt like very strong cramps) At 6pm I entered the birthing pool (takes 1 hour the fill the pool) luckily I could still use gas and air in the pool. I was in the pool for 3 hours 5 mins. At 9:05pm my beautiful daughter was born in the pool. I delivered her myself. I was pushing for 30mins, at the end my Midwife said, "grab her" as I pushed her out I grabbed her and brought her up to my chest. Most beautiful & proud moment of my life. She weighed 7lb 12oz. I'm very pleased I did not need to be induced, if I did I wouldn't of been able to go in the birthing pool. I would highly recommend the birthing pool, I will hopefully use one the next time I give birth.

Evie May
7lb 12oz

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ItsInTheDogsMouth Sat 16-Dec-17 23:37:15

I had both mine in water at home. First one, my labour was very uncomfortable when i was about 5 cm. i remember the midwife arriving as i was throwing up into a bucket. She told me to get in the pool and i insisted she examine me as i'd read you shouldn't get in the pool before you were 5 cm as it could slow labour down. My lovely midwife has the quickest glance up there and declared i was indeed 5 cm (who knows if i was or not), and i should get in the pool. Never have i felt such relief. After that, my labour was great, the water helped so much and i expelled my baby (i didn't push her, my body did it all by itself). She came out quite fast and had a quick bungee before we caught her. My second, was also a home birth, but i had to push her out. I remember the midwife telling me to push and i asked what she meant. After she explained to push like i was having a poo, i realised i'd never had to do that with my first born. Both lovely births though and i highly recommend a home birth in water.

ItsInTheDogsMouth Sat 16-Dec-17 23:38:10

Sorry, should have first said congratulations OP on the birth of your daughter. thanks

PotatoesGunnaPotate Sat 16-Dec-17 23:43:44

Congrats to you too!

It was very strange as I got closer and closer to pushing. My body would all of a sudden to massive pushes itself! I had no control but in the end I did need to push her out. It was exhausting. But I definitely think the water helped when pushing. I felt no stinging or any discomfort when pushing (which was my main fear) I ended up with a little graze down there, but didn't feel that at all when it happened. After having a pool birth, I can't imagine having a normal bed birth. I've only given birth once, but I hope next time I can use the pool again.

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LRL2017 Sat 16-Dec-17 23:47:56

I went in to labour 4 days early. I was in hospital the day before with bleeding not believed to be a show and had to stay in to be sure I didn't bleed again. Midwife told me The baby was still way too high up. I went into labour less than 12 hours later! Waters broke at 3.30 am, they didn't examine me (also wasn't visiting so wouldn't let husband or mum come in). I started to struggle a little with pain so asked for paracetamol. They examined me for first time and I was at least 6 cm. contractions were now coming fast, I went and rang everybody to come in and get my stuff to go to labour ward. In that 10 minutes I needed to push! Mad dash up to
Labour ward and I had my baby 40 minutes later. It was an assisted delivery though with vontoose as my baby's heart rate was really low. But all in all labour was 2.5 hours. Husband just made it but unfortunately my mum didn't get here until an hour after my little girl arrived (she lives 90 miles away!)

PotatoesGunnaPotate Sat 16-Dec-17 23:52:11

I'm glad everything was okay after you experienced the bleeding. I'm sorry your Mam didn't make it to the birth but at least you had your husband there.

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LRL2017 Sat 16-Dec-17 23:53:37

Yes. To be fair I think mum would have fainted!!! Hope you and your baby are doing well smile

PotatoesGunnaPotate Sat 16-Dec-17 23:58:24

Haha, I only had my fiancé there, well and obviously the midwives lol. We are doing great thanks, I hate how quick she's growing though (8 weeks now) she has her injections on Thursday she screamed the building down, poor baby. I kept saying to her, "I know it hurts baby but it's better to have this pain now rather than get awful diseases/infections due to not getting injections" I know she hasn't a clue what I'm telling her but it makes me feel better telling her. How old is your daughter now? X

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PotatoesGunnaPotate Sat 16-Dec-17 23:59:03

She had her injections on Thursday **

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DrMadelineMaxwell Sun 17-Dec-17 00:06:55

Mine are no longer babies.

DD1 - 4 weeks early. Drove myself to hospital in labour (had an appt and didn't really realise it) then up to the ward. Hardly any waters to go. Took from 6am til gone midnight to have her. Then it all went awry as had a huge PPH, bp of 60/40 on my notes. Alarms rung. Consultants running. Lots of transfusions. She and I were in for 6 days before allowed home.

DD2 - Also 4 weeks early, despite no probs - am clearly not designed to carry to term. Went into labour while out for dinner and my waters broke on the floor of the restaurant - hurrah for black trousers! Home to drop DD1 off with my Dsis. Back to hospital. Had her within 3 hours. Much faster and scarier for it. No probs afterwards this time. Home the next day.

PotatoesGunnaPotate Sun 17-Dec-17 00:26:28

DR Madeline I'm so sorry you had to have lots of transfusions! Hope you had a speedy recovery. I bet DC was well worth it in the end though! Glad you had it easier second time round. Shame about your waters breaking in the restaurant though lol maybe you got to dash off straight away and got a free meal lol

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LRL2017 Sun 17-Dec-17 07:39:32

My little girl will be 15 weeks on Tuesday, I feel the same it's just going way too fast. I cried more at both sets of injections so far. The 12 week ones, she was asleep before I even got out of doctors! Dreading the 16 week ones, but like you say they have to be done and at least that's it until they are 1.

ForFuckSakeSusan Sun 17-Dec-17 22:33:02

Congrats all!

I gave birth a day after having a sweep.The following morning my mucus plug literally plopped out onto the floor when I got up envy - not envy! Waters broke at about 5pm, contractions started at about midnight I think; back to back so I felt like I needed to push instantly.

Managed to stay at home through the night but by 9am it was too much so I went in, I had a lovely midwife who had taken care of me several times throughout my pregnancy with some BP issues and a student on her first delivery. The student was incredible. Baby's heartbeat kept dipping so he had a clip attached to his head. He was born just gone midday but the cord snapped and as I am rhesus negative DS had to be taken to SCBU for tests whilst I attempted to push out the placenta which was firmly stuck. The midwives inserted a cannula and prepped me for theatre for removal. But just at the last minute and after the strangest moment of my life sat stark naked on the loo with my midwife, the student and the midwife in charge literally cheering me on, I pushed it out into one of those cardboard dishes.

I was very poorly following the birth and readmitted to hospital several times but I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. He's 9 weeks old now and I'm ready for another!

Baby Boy
7lb 5oz
18/10/2017 - 4 days early.

overduemamma Sun 17-Dec-17 23:02:49

Congrats all.

My first (on due date)- had pains on and off for a week. Went for a long walk and I think that set me off. That was about 3/4pm. Pains were a lot stronger at 10pm, went to hospital was only 2cm blush, managed to convince them to let me stay. Had gas and air, pethadine, epidural and spinal block. After about 10 hours I had my baby boy delivered by forceps.


2nd - (2days late) - started having pains on her due date, went for a sweep. Had more niggles then nothing all weekend until I woke up at 5am with contractions. Got to the hospital at 7am. Had gas and air and pethadine. Had my baby girl at 10.34am 26/02/2017. Gave birth fine but after i delivered the placenta I had a big bleed and had to stay in over night sad x

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