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Can't sleep c-sec worries

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Cupcakey Fri 15-Dec-17 04:44:58

Hi I’m almost 37 weeks and have my date for my csec which is only 3 days before my actual due date. I’m panicking if I go in to labour before this how long do they leave you having contractions etc before they take you to surgery? I’ve got to have csec due to damage done from having my dd and all along they told me I would be brought in between 38-39 weeks and that csec is really my only option to avoid further damage to my continence. Also growth scans show large baby and now I’m going to be almost 40 weeks for csec this is due to Christmas/ their full diary etc so not many slots available. It’s left me really anxious.
With my dd my waters went at 38 weeks so I’m wondering if the same was to happen (I know all labours are different) but how long would I be left before they get me to theatre ? and is it normal to leave you 3 days before due date to do csec or is it normally earlier than this. x

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mommybear1 Fri 15-Dec-17 04:53:26

Hi I was booked for a csection 4 days before my due date Baby decided to come early and my waters broke at 36 +4 due to bed shortages I was left 30 hours before they then took me in for the csection. I think it's quite normal these days for them to book you in as late as possible a friend of mine had the similar issues to you and called up the consultant and her Midwife begging to have the csection earlier and due to her anxiety they booked her in same day she made the calls so it maybe worth speaking to your Midwife etc about your concerns and see if they can move your date. Congratulations and Good luck thanks

Cupcakey Fri 15-Dec-17 14:25:49

Thank you Mommy Bear I probably should have spoken up for myself at the time but didn’t! Trying to remain calm. Just dreading going early and then ending up in an emergency. I might try and ring the antenatal unit and see if anyone can reassure me. I’ve not seen the same midwife once throughout my preg so wouldn’t know who to contact. xx

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mommybear1 Fri 15-Dec-17 15:59:33

Honestly it's easy to think what you should have said after the event when your bombarded with info and your main concern is a safe delivery. If your maternity unit can't help there should be a consultant Midwife in charge of / attached to the unit. If they won't help you try her. Good luck x

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