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Advice on hypnobirthing?

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TheNewMrs Fri 08-Dec-17 21:15:42

Ok, so I'm 20 weeks pregnant, and starting to occasionally think about the inevitability of childbirth.

I'm happy that so far, I don't feel anxious or frightened about labour, and I'm wondering what I can do that can keep me calm during the next 4/5 months.

Quite interested in hypnobirthing techniques, and possibly a waterbirth! I've downloaded a hypnobirthing app, and listened to the 'positive affirmations' recording last night. But my question is - am I actually supposed to do anything else? grin or just listen and visualise being all calm and serene and then repeat the affirmations to myself during labour? It just doesn't seem like I'm doing much...

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PotatoesGunnaPotate Sat 16-Dec-17 23:34:16

I was 11 days overdue (3 failed sweeps), me and DH went to the hospital at 8am as I was booked in for induction. I was checked over, I was 2cm or so dilated but not in labour. A pessary tablet was put "up there" around 9:30am. I was check again at 12ish, Midwife broke my waters then. She said she'd come back at 2 to set the induction up (plug me into the drip). Luckily at 1:45pm I started getting dull back pains on and off. Midwife was delayed and came back to see me at 3pm. She hooked me up to the monitor and confirmed I was having contractions, I was given a birthing ball shortly after. Contractions got stronger and stronger in my back. Midwife came at 4:30pm asked if I would like to use the birthing pool. I though hmm why not, at this point I was bouncing on the birthing ball a lot as it seemed to help me get through the contractions. At 5pm I was given gas and air (felt very high the first few puffs) shortly after the feeling high novelty wore off but the gas and air was still helping. Eventually contractions made their way round to my bump (felt like very strong cramps) At 6pm I entered the birthing pool (takes 1 hour the fill the pool) luckily I could still use gas and air in the pool. I was in the pool for 3 hours 5 mins. At 9:05pm my beautiful daughter was born in the pool. I delivered her myself. I was pushing for 30mins, at the end my Midwife said, "grab her" as I pushed her out I help her and brought her up to my chest. Most beautiful & proud moment of my life. She weighed 7lb 12oz. I'm very pleased I did not need to be induced, if I did I wouldn't of been able to go in the birthing pool. I would highly recommend the birthing pool, I will hopefully use one the next time I give birth.

Evie May
7lb 12oz

someblondegirl Sun 31-Dec-17 01:22:11

My advice is to absolutely look into it if you're curious. I never ever thought I'd be the kind of person who'd go in for something like hypnobirthing, but I'm so glad I did. My husband thought it was a load of flannel until he saw it in action and now tells everyone how great it is.

I read a book about it and also did pre-natal yoga which seemed to echo a lot of what was in the book, especially breathing techniques and affirmations. The breathing is the star of the show, the golden thread breath got me through my labour! The affirmations I had read and heard through the yoga classes, which I never ever thought I'd remember, all came back to me and really helped and I never thought that would happen!

I had a natural birth, drug free and including an episiotomy. No heroics, I just genuinely didn't feel like I needed anything else. I completely zoned out and just breathed my way through, it was the strangest thing. The whole process was completely calm and I felt totally in control of what was happening, even when his fat head wouldn't come out.

I would continue with your app but I'd also recommend reading a book about it. I think the books help as they really explain how to deal with what your body is doing if that makes sense? It hurts obviously, but knowing why it was hurting and being able to visualise what was going on helped enormously.

Good luck! It was the best thing I could've done to prepare!

Alicantine Sun 31-Dec-17 17:31:44

@someblondegirl thanks for sharing your experience.

What was the title of the book you read?

Thanks again

TheNewMrs Mon 01-Jan-18 20:32:41

@someblondegirl I really appreciate all the info you've given there! Thanks smile

If you could give me the name of the book you used that would be great?

Have since found out I have a low lying placenta, will be going back at 32 weeks for another scan to see if it's moved. If not I'll be looking at a CS but would still like to get involved in the hypnobirthing now just in case!

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Lollipop30 Tue 02-Jan-18 10:39:21

Hypnobirthing vids on YouTube.
It’s all about getting inside your head. For me this meant blocking out the outside world so I could focus. I also couldn’t be doing with any of the whale music/pan pipes etc but made myself a compilation of highly relaxing...not club music. Weirdly I found a certain beat was great to slip into a trance like state. I’m not a clubber at all so it wasn’t expected!

HappyHippyHippo Wed 03-Jan-18 03:35:40

v similar to someblonde- we were v skeptical but total converts after two v calm hypnobirthing experiences. I'd never have thought to do it someone recommended a book and I thought, "why not, it can't hurt".
I didn't do any courses but I read (half of!) the book and practised the breathing.
During the first birth, I had lots of monitoring and people milling around but didn't really notice as I was in my zone. Everyone was v surprised when it was time to push as I was so mellow. I was v surprised myself - hadn't really believed it was possible or that I would be capable...
Brushed up on the breathing for the second and had a quick and medication-free water birth for the second labour.
I liked it because she was really positive and enthusiastic about the experience of giving birth, which was just what I needed to hear in my third trimester.

HappyHippyHippo Wed 03-Jan-18 03:37:18

Sorry - the shouty capitals are because I copy pasted the title

annawilson12 Wed 03-Jan-18 12:06:25

I did the wise hippo Hypnobirthing course and it was brilliant. Different tracks and loads of support from the tutors. A lot simpler than the other Hypnobirthing books i looked at.

I ended up with an unplanned homebirth with just family. Didn’t need pain relief, was in the bath. The Hypnobirthing really helped me stay calm and breathe. The affirmations worked really well.

It could help you relax through the cesearean too if you end up getting one.

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