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I'd love to hear some "going into labour naturally despite being overdue and thinking it would never happen" stories

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Etarip Mon 04-Dec-17 03:57:12

I'm so fed up. 41 weeks, 2 sweeps down and desperate to have this baby!!!

Please tell me your positive stories about going into labour naturally after being overdue. I'm feeling achey and keep getting the odd Braxton hicks but other than that...nada.

Feeling very down in the dumps...

PeachesandPie Mon 04-Dec-17 04:04:10

I went into labour at 40+6. Had been having some mild pains but nothing much beforehand and fully expected to go to 42 weeks. Went in for a sweep at 9am, nothing happened until 6.30pm when my waters broke, baby arrived 5 hours later. I was in shock as that morning I still thought I had another week to go. It really can just happen all of a sudden. Hang in there, your baby will be here in no time!

DownWentTheFlag Mon 04-Dec-17 04:04:56

I went along to my induction appointment at 41+6 already in the early stages of labour. No intervention needed in the end.
It felt like such a long wait though.

yourhavingagiraffee Mon 04-Dec-17 04:09:07

I went into spontaneous labour with my first at 40+4 weeks. I had sweep done just before due date as I had high blood pressure, got some regular pains which stopped.

I had to go back into maternity to get checked etc and got another sweep or internal again, went home and waters went.

I had to be induced with 2nd at 42 weeks, failed sweeps, no pain or niggles or any sign of labour. This was my quickest labour.

Third was induced again 4 days early due to few issues, again no pains, cervix far back and I reckon it would have been induction at 42 weeks again.

Good luck, hopefully not too long now.

OhforfucksakeFay Mon 04-Dec-17 04:10:56

17 days over. Desperately wanted to avoid a section and couldn't be induced.
I was monitored every day from 10 days over. Resisted the section pressure everyday. Finally booked in to have the section on the morning of the 18th day and went into labour naturally overnight

OhforfucksakeFay Mon 04-Dec-17 04:12:20

Oh and I had not a single niggle or braxton hicks until a show on the evening of the 17th day over due

LadyCassandra Mon 04-Dec-17 04:12:22

41+3 with DS1, had 4 sweeps and decided no more! I was booked in for an induction for the Friday by went into labour naturally late Monday night, and gave birth Wednesday morning.
DS2 was a week late, no sweeps, spontaneous labour, half a kilo smaller!

Bananarama12 Mon 04-Dec-17 04:12:31

I was booked in for induction at 41+4 but went into labour naturally at 41+3. I had 2 sweeps and woke up at 11pm with very strong contractions 3 minutes apart and baby was here 10 hours later. I hope it happens for you soon smile

HollyBollyBooBoo Mon 04-Dec-17 04:15:53

Yes it happened to me, 9 days over and went into labour the night before I was booked in to be induced.

Chinnychinnychinnychib Mon 04-Dec-17 04:19:44

41 on the nose and I was certifiable!! I even packed away the Moses basket in a huff. Went into labour that night...

DryHeave Mon 04-Dec-17 04:21:56

Me! Had baby 4 days ago at 41+1. Had 4 “successful” sweeps and after each one coming away feeling encouraged that labour was just round the corner.

I lost all hope when there’d been plenty of shows but no pains and no waters. I had induction date booked and BOOM the night of the 4th sweep and the inductiI’m being booked I went into labour. I was so in denial though that I thought I was just badly constipated for several hours (until I pulled the towel rail off the wall at home with my “bad wind”). My waters had to be broken when I was 7/8cm dilated and the bulging membranes was apparently what made it feel so much like a poo for so long.

You have my sympathies - being overdue was the hardest part of my pregnancy. Every day feels twice as long as the one before so by 41 weeks you feel like you’ve been pregnant for a while extra MONTH rather than a week!

Rhynswynd Mon 04-Dec-17 04:33:28

My first. I was 14 days over and had a sweep over a week before. Been admitted to hospital to have induction the next morning and Labour started on its own halfway through Inspector Morse. I have never seen the rest of that episode.

I am now 37+2 and impatiently waiting my 4th baby. Good luck OP

Etarip Mon 04-Dec-17 06:49:03

Thanks for the positive stories. I just feel like it's never going to happen 😫😫

Callamia Mon 04-Dec-17 06:55:44

Following a second sweep, I walked back from the hospital and into town. Waters broke during a walk into town. Labour started a few hours later. He was born in the early hours of the morning of the day I was booked for induction .

Gierg Mon 04-Dec-17 07:33:36

41 exactly, feeling huge as A house and grumpy as anything and midnight I started having contractions out of nowhere!

Had had a sweep that day and an induction booked for 41+4. Hope things get moving fir you!

bikingintherain Mon 04-Dec-17 07:38:17

I went into labour at 40+15, 40+14 and 40+10 with my three. My body just likes to cook them that little bit longer! 40+15 with my first the midwife didn't believe that I was finally in labour and made me hold the pessary whilst she examined me. Turns out I was 9 1/2cm dialated and was whisked off to the labour ward!

StorminaBcup Mon 04-Dec-17 07:43:31

I was induced with ds1 at 40 +12 and had a nice 3 day wait in hospital
for anything to take effect. When I went over with ds2 I expected the same. I got to 40 + 14 was booked in for an induction in the afternoon but went into labour that morning. Started at around 2 and he was out by 7.45, just in time for the breakfast trolley smile

Good luck OP and congratulations.

HelenaJustina Mon 04-Dec-17 07:46:41

40+12 with baby no.1
40+6 with no.2
40+6 with no.3
40+10 with no.4

All spontaneous labours and vagibal deliveries. 2,3 and 4 were planned home births. It can and does happen OP, hang in there!

Merryhobnobs Mon 04-Dec-17 07:49:53

I was 10 days overdue.. had 2 sweeps. Was booked in for an induction on the Monday. Went into labour early hours Sunday morning. Had baby 11.3pm Monday night. I did have an epidural but was natural (but long) delivery

Firenight Mon 04-Dec-17 07:49:58

40+6 with my second one. I had refused a sweep but agreed to an extra scan. Couldn’t go to the scan as it happened because I was in labour. It just all kicked off naturally in the morning, we went for a walk, came home for dinner, midwife arrived to check on me just after that: baby born at home with no interventions by tea time. It was text book perfect.

chocolatespiders Mon 04-Dec-17 07:50:37

I was over due 10 days and went into labour naturally and had a vaginal delivery. Keep active if you can and fingers crossed it all falls into place for you.

coragreta Mon 04-Dec-17 07:56:14

Me. Induction booked for 9am labour started at 4am. Had 3 sweeps and tried EVERYTHING.

I also read up on positive induction stories which was reassuring and helped me relax.

Ohyesiam Mon 04-Dec-17 08:22:20

Go and find an acupuncturist! 41+6, the obstetrician muttered about making a plan. A friend who is an acupuncturist out done needles in my ankle (!) And I went into labour 2 hours later.
In China they often use acupuncture instead of anaesthetic for major heart surgery. Nothing woo about it, we Just don't have the science to understand it yet.

Toastandacuppa Mon 04-Dec-17 08:29:39

42 weeks overdue. Tried everything! Had my 3rd sweep the day before I was booked in for an induction at 9am. Got my show the night before. Started spontaneous contractions on the way into hospital for the induction! Natural labour with vaginal delivery.

tootsieglitterballs Mon 04-Dec-17 16:09:14

First DS I was induced at 40+6 due to reduced movement and it was a hellish few days which ended in an EMCS

Decided, after much deliberation to go for a VBAC this last pregnancy, started having sweeps at 39+4, nothing was happening except lots of BH... I all but gave up hope and was booked in for a ELCS at 40+12

HOWEVER - I Got to 40+5 and I started having regular ish contractions, but after 24 hours nothing had happened. Went to hospital to get a check up due to previous csection and got told I wasn’t in labour! Sent home, and we ended up back on labour ward 3 hours later with contractions every 4 mins. I then got told I was only 3cm dilated!

Positive ending though - after being told at 1.30am I was only 3cm dilated, I went on to deliver naturally with only gas & air just over 2 hours later! It was fast and furious, and I did tear, but I did it!

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