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'Rules' for requesting an elective c section

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Mytribeof3 Wed 29-Nov-17 10:23:37

Hi. I wondered if anyone here has any experience on requesting an elective c section. I already have 3 children. The first 2 deliveries were difficult for different reasons so with the third pregnancy I was already wondering if c section would be an option based on the traumatic births previously. As it happened, at 20 week scan they discovered I had placenta previa and as it didn't move sufficiently I had c section after all. It went smoothly and I knew that if I was to have any more babies that I would prefer another section, than go through what I did with my first two deliveries. We are now considering a fourth child and whilst this may seem like I'm jumping the gun slightly, I'm wondering what the rules are for requesting another section. Ie would I be allowed one based on the fact that I had one last time. Any advice or experience would be appreciated. Thanks.

DaenerysismyQueen Wed 29-Nov-17 15:51:40

Place marking as I'm interested in an answer too.

namechangeforanonymity Wed 29-Nov-17 16:15:58

I can't imagine there would be much resistance to you requesting a another C-section given that your last birth was C-section.

You would need to bring the matter up at a hospital ante-natal appointment so that your C-section date can be scheduled.

Just stick to what you prefer if midwives/doctors try and persuade you to give VBAC a try and just say no. You'll be given a date for the operation so you'll know if you have been booked in.

Might be worth making sure that your notes are marked up with the fact that if you go into labour before the C-section date you do not wish to do trial labour to see how it goes, you still want a C-section. (if labour progresses swiftly baby can get someway down in the birth canal so the C-section can involve pulling baby back up).

Even if this was your first baby, you are entitled to ask for and be given a C-section but be sure you know the risks (although funnily enough the risks of natural childbirth are played down by comparison).

Stick to your guns and ignore any negative comments/behaviour.

EightyNine Wed 29-Nov-17 18:40:45

I had an elected c section for both births (I only have two).
How easy it is to obtain one can depend on your local authority. However if you’re sure of and correct in your reasons for requesting the section then I think it may be difficult for them to turn down.
You don’t mention the details of the difficulties you had with your first two births in your post. Be specific about these and explain why you think the physical and/or psychological trauma would be worse than that of a c secrion.
Regarding having previously had a c section, that puts you at (although still very small) increased risk of a uterine rupture during labour. If this worries you then mention this too.
Regarding going into labour before section date make your mind up what you want to do. Emergency sections have increased risks so if you prefer a natural birth in this situation make sure that’s clear.
Just make sure you do your research, are sure if your reasons, be sure that it is the safest and best option for you and your family and stick then once decided to your guns.

Good luck!!

Batterseapark Wed 29-Nov-17 21:01:54

My understanding is that you need to ask as soon as possible. You need to be "sound of mind" (unsure what terminology they use). You need to demonstrate you know and understand the risks of having a c-section.

The reason/s why you want one don't really matter (unless they're medical in which case the obs should be offering it to you).
It's not about understanding the risks of a vaginal delivery and preferring the risks of a c-section, it is about the c-section only because ultimately it will be the procedure that will be carried out.

If first obs refuses, simply ask to see a second who would agree. Don't be put off by the rebuttals.

All the best smile

Jenacles Wed 29-Nov-17 21:21:50

I had an emergency c section with my previous child, and am pregnant again now.

At booking appointment the midwife referred me for an appointment with the consultant at hospital, which was basically to find out what sort of delivery I wanted - they said if you have had a section previously you have the choice.

Rockandrollwithit Thu 30-Nov-17 12:16:41

I had an elective section with my second after a traumatic birth with my first. I had to speak to two doctors but had no difficulty getting the section.

Mytribeof3 Fri 01-Dec-17 09:24:22

Thanks for your responses everyone.

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