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Fourth degree tear.

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DecemberCat Tue 28-Nov-17 15:54:14

I had a 3a tear, with a good repair job at the time. I found that the pain had much improved after 2 weeks and i felt much more normal at about 6 weeks. Control of flatus took a wee while to come back but i think thats partly the amount of laxatives i was on.

I found sitting on a cold pack really helpful and stuck religiously to the physio exercises they gave me.

Boomies Sun 26-Nov-17 09:06:01

Hi I ha haf a 4th degree tear 13months ago. I was followed up in colorectal at 3months and he was happy so I was discharged. I still got pain regularly for 6months but now I'd say it's fine only very occasional discomfort and I didn't have any continence issues etc but I did loads of physio exercises. I was also told that a straight forward 4th degree is better than a 3c as it's easier to repair better with better outcomes. Good luck!

Smurfsrock Mon 20-Nov-17 11:08:47

I had one nearly 2 years ago. Healed really quickly (other than a stitch abscess which hurt like he'll!) Was never more painful than my episiotomy wounds. Only real lasting issue is poor control of gas, embarrassing but probably will improve with some physio (I've just had another baby so no chance yet!)

cf21 Sun 19-Nov-17 12:57:28

Thanks both of you. Really is appreciated and helpful to knowgrinflowers

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IncyWincySpiderOnRepeat Sat 18-Nov-17 20:31:14

Also the Facebook group is good, it's the only place I have really found lots of other women that do actually really understand how awful recovery from a severe tear can be...

IncyWincySpiderOnRepeat Sat 18-Nov-17 20:29:17

Hi, I had a complicated 3c tear which took ages to heal. At 6.5 months I was still very uncomfortable for a lot of the time and having issues with bowel urgency.

Things seemed to suddenly improve at around the 9 month mark for me (wasn't breastfeeding so nothing to do with hormones etc). By 12 months I felt fairly good and I would say by 18 months I felt normal.

I was shocked at how long it took to feel ok, and at times I felt quite depressed as I was constantly worried that things wouldn't improve.

It's still early days OP, will keep everything crossed that things return to normal quickly for you..

Batterseapark Sat 18-Nov-17 15:42:39

Thanks. Yes, not sure what happened in my case but the sonograher (at 3 months) said 3b tear. Colorectal surgeon's view was that either it was 3b and had resolved in 3 months but he thought that was very unlikely or much more probable that it was only a second degree tear. It was very clear on the 2d scan that a third of the muscle around my back passage was very very thin indeed. So there was quite a lot of damage but maybe not a clean cut.

I just wanted to tell you that 15 months after birth, there was still progress. I was discharged from the colorectal department after 18 months. I needed some vaginal surgery because the scarring was causing problems so was fully discharged from all hospital departments after 2 years.
It's very long. I'm left with a pelvic organ prolapse (so no running or high impact sport) and chronic coccyx pain but I'm continent.
I hope the Facebook group will be useful. If it's not, try the Birth trauma association.


cf21 Fri 17-Nov-17 22:00:33

Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry you had a tear too! I feel your pain (literally wink) it’s a surprise they got it wrong in your diagnosis.

It was 6 1/2 months ago. I wouldn’t change a thing because my baby got here safely, but I’m looking forward to getting back to normal.

Hopefully things should be better soon. I’ve been seeing a physio for it and lots and lots of other specialists so hopefully things will get better soon.

I’ve actually been so so lucky as the top surgeon in this field in the uk was on hand to do the surgery so I’ve healed great, it’s just caused other problems. I’ll check the Facebook.

Thanks and have a fab weekend smileflowers

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Batterseapark Fri 17-Nov-17 21:02:57

Hi OP,
I'm sorry this has happened to you.
How long ago have you given birth?
It can take quite a while.
There's healing first. They thought I had an undetected 3rd degree tear. At 6 months a colorectal surgeon (after reviewing scans) said he thought I only had a 2d degree tear. It took 2 months for the wounds to heal completely. Sometimes it can take longer, perhaps 3 months.
During that time you should do pelvic floor exercises but the rehabilitation takes a long time, 6 months or more.
It also depends what symptoms you are experiencing (if any).

There's a Facebook group called Birth Tear Support (Severe Birth Tears) where you should find other women who have suffered similar injuries.

cf21 Fri 17-Nov-17 15:05:26

Just wondered if anyone else has had a fourth degree tear and how long it took to completely recover?

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