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PROM again 2nd time round? Wanting home birth

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DinoMania Sun 12-Nov-17 21:28:53


Still TTC atm but what is really making me nervous about being pregnant with #2 is actually childbirth.
1st time I had PROM at 36 + 5. I had a rather horrid experience at hospital and would like to have a home birth instead. Due to PROM I was kept in hospital and going through my first stages of labour on an open ward with people waiting for C sections. One MW gave me an non censenual sweep (told me she was just seeing how dilated I was!!) Ended up being put on an oxytocin drip and strapped down to the bed. Another MW then cut me inside as she was trying to break (my already broken!!!!) Waters. Ended up being prepped for emergency c sec but delivered with forceps in the end. I also got sepsis and had to stay in hospital for 6 nights!
I know people have much worse ordeals but I really feel like the MWs weren't listening to what I wanted. I feel with a home birth with #2 I'd be in more control but can I have this with PROM? Will PROM be likely just because #1 was? And because #1 came early will #2 be likely too as well (people keep telling me #2 comes earlier than #1!!)
Sorry I'm ranting and stressing rather unnecessarily early!
Tia x

Dildals Sun 12-Nov-17 21:46:50

Sorry to hear you had a tough birth.

First of all, when you are pregnant see if you can get a referral to an premature surveillance unit. They measure your cervix length plus fetal fibronectin levels every 2 weeks from the 12 wk scan till about 26 weeks (if I remember correctly), after that they can tell you with 95% certainty whether you will deliver early. St Thomas in London has one, if you can’t get any traction with your GP or MW please call Tommy’s helpline or email email Andy Shennan’s team at St Thomas (google it!). I know it sounds totally over assertive but they really are there to help you.

Second, could you agree a HB with your MW provided you go to term? One preterm delivery does not mean the second will be, there’s only a higher chance but still a much larger chance that baby will go to term. If baby is early you will want to be in hospital anyway because of proximity to NNU.

Finally, if your MW says no (or ‘advises against’ as the term should be) ask for a meeting with the supervisor of midwives, I think the term has changed but the concept should still exist. Discuss with her your previous birth and your concerns, if you tell her that you understand the risks of a HB she should facilitate you and help you to get the birth you want.

I gave birth prematurely first time round and it was an absolute car crash. Like you I was extremely anxious to give birth a second time. I found out though that a lot is actually possible in the NHS but you do have to ask for it!

Dildals Sun 12-Nov-17 21:48:51

Typo ... they can already tell you at 16 weeks not 26! It’s so great to have that uncertainty taken away so early!

DinoMania Sun 12-Nov-17 22:20:59

Thank you so much!
Making me feel better already knowing these options and I can ask for these things xx

SS81C Tue 14-Nov-17 18:14:28

Sorry you had a traumatic time.
I think it would be beneficial to arrange a debrief (you can arrange this before you conceive if needed - speak to your GP who can refer you.)
Supervisor of Midwife doesn't exist anymore in the previous role but there will likely be a consultant midwife or senior midwife who will be able to look through your notes with you. They can also talk to you about the risk of it happening again.
36+5 is preterm by 2 days so potentially your trust may not consider this requires extra monitoring in pregnancy but definitely worth asking/getting a consultant referral once you are pregnant.
If you do have preterm ROM again then it's likely they would prefer you give birth in hospital to be near the NNU and paediatric doctors as baby would need additional monitoring during and after the labour/birth.
I will also say that one bad experience doesn't necessarily mean it will be the same second time around.
Good luck with everything xx

DinoMania Tue 14-Nov-17 20:14:03

Thank you, I shall ask about this! Xx

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