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Let's talk about labour..

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HeartStrings Sat 11-Nov-17 15:09:53

Tell me about your labour, from the earliest earliest signs to the moment you held your bundle smile

sausagepastapot Sat 11-Nov-17 15:18:49

DS1, 3am twinge, contractions started at 5am, 3 in 10 by 7am, called hospital and went in. Full on labour started at about midday, pushed for 2 hours, spinal and forceps and he was here at 14:48.

DD1, felt a gush at 3:30pm, went home and bounced on the ball, mild contractions coming 3 in 10 by about 7pm. Really strong and painful by 9pm, went to hospital at 9:30pm, assessed at 10pm and she was out at 10:44pm in the birthing pool.

DS1 labour was awful, DD1 was amazing and very life affirming, and more than made up for the nightmare of DS1's birth.

HeartStrings Sat 11-Nov-17 15:49:41

I didn’t even write mine did I lol

DS1 woke up at 5am having contractions (mild at the time) but were getting stronger. Went for a few walks and lay down for a nap. Felt a gush as my waters went in bed lol. Showered down quickly (which was a bit pointless) and headed to the hospital, waters had meconium so was closely monitored throughout, he was born at 5.37pm with episiotomy and ventouse forceps.

DD1 again woke up at 5am having contractions, had a bath, went for walks then eventually went in. Nice chilled out water birth and she was born at 4.13pm in the pool.

Same as you @sausagepastapot more chilled out with second than the first lol

tootsieglitterballs Sat 11-Nov-17 17:29:18

DS1 - induced first thing Saturday morning, nothing was working, just very slow contractions, waters were broken at 5pm Monday night, put on the drip at 9pm, contractions came too quickly and were doubling apparently. Eventually born 7pm Tuesday night by EMCS after pushing for 2 hours and him getting stuck. Suspected tear in theatre, was in there for almost 70 mins after he was born, and didn’t get to hold him for 90 mins after birth. Left me very traumatised and very certain we wouldn’t have any more. Problems continued for months after for me.

DS2 - only time will tell... currently 38 weeks! Had back ache and period like cramps all day today... just another day of getting my hopes up and nothing actually happening. Imagine I’ll go over again this time and probably end in a planned section!

HeartStrings Sat 11-Nov-17 17:33:08

@tootsieglitterballs that does sound traumatic flowersGood luck, no two labours are the same, I hope this one is a better experience for you. Sending positive vibes your way smile
I’m currently 37 weeks myself and I had an ECV yesterday so feeling pretty sore today with period like pains and really bad back ache too

wheresAbobble Sat 11-Nov-17 17:36:54

Woke up with stomach pains/cramps (which id had for a few days) went up the hospital got checked over and baby was being monitored, they basically said it was nothing and I left.

Went to my Nan's that afternoon in tears with pain with everyone saying imagine how I'm going to cope in labour 🙈. Went back home got into bed to sleep I slept through the pains which kept coming and going (didn't even think of contractions at the time). Suddenly felt a dripping feeling, jumped out of bed and my waters were going, it wasn't a big gush just dripping.

Rang hospital, went in checked over again, told it wasn't my waters, while I was being examined they broke my waters. By this point I was in agony. Got put into a side room. Desperate for gas an air only to be told how I'm only 2cm.

Finally get gas an air (best feeling ever) it's around 7pm at this point. The pains were like waves of cramps, and the urge to push was the worst for me! I started pushing at 1AM, and baby was out by 1.10am! I needed stitches but my god the relief once it's over and how the pain stops is lovely grin

RedPandaMama Sat 11-Nov-17 17:49:04

Went into labour 1am Friday morning. Wasn't sure it was real as I'd been having twinges for a week and it wasn't too painful. Had contractions lasting about a minute every half an hour between 3am and 9am. DP took the day off work as his commute can be nearly 2 hours and he didn't want to miss anything - wish he hasn't bothered as it took forever!

8pm that night and contractions are every 5ish minutes, painful but not terrible. Went into hospital to get checked and told to go home as only 2cm dialated. Went home at 10pm and I think the speculum exam must have kicked things off because it went more quickly from there. Told to go back when too painful to speak through.

Managed until 3am Saturday morning and was crying out in pain and went back to hospital. Still only 4cm! Got in the pool and stayed there til 8am when they got me out and examined me. STILL only 4cm. Baby back to back position so having awful pains shooting down my back and into my bum, far worse than the actual contractions.

Given diamorphine at 9am which was AMAZING, slept for two hours and just felt drunk and chilled out, pain felt very far away if that makes sense. Around 11.30am started wearing off and then suddenly aware of how empty my stomach was and how dizzy I felt, and was very very sick (like, 6 bowls full + all over the bathroom floor) blush

STILL only 4cm so waters broken and taken to another room to be put on a drip to induce actual labour. In the 10 minutes it took to get to the next room, suddenly I was at 8cm!

In so much pain from then I pretty much blocked it out I think but DP said it was really distressing - and I'm really not a wimp about pain. It was awful.

Given an epidural which didn't work but just thought 'right, gotta get this baby out' and the sort of primitive woman in me took over. Finally at 10cm and pushing BLOODY hurts but only took around 20 mins from then to having her out. Placed on my chest and the most amazing feeling of euphoria. Never ever been so happy. She was born at 3pm so 38 hours start to finish.

Down below midwife was sorting out a 2nd degree tear and I had grazing (worse than the tear I reckon as it stings). Lost a lot of blood apparently but felt okay. Enjoyed tea and toast so much after 36 hours of just nibbling biscuits and drinking powerade. Stayed in overnight which I was worried about but glad I did as I spent all night bonding with my baby and it was lovely.

nobody22 Sat 11-Nov-17 18:56:03

Small bleed so rang midwife at 6 pm ... told to go in a needed anti d... was put on machines and told I was 5cm gone.... I laughed! I could t feel a thing! Midwife was gobsmacked! But I was 30 weeks so I laughed as I didn’t believe them it’s definitely not a laughing matter!
it was noted baby DS heart rate dropped on contractions. Waters got broke.
From walking in to giving birth I was 10 hours.
Ended up spending 2 months in though. I think 30 people saw my vagina that night!

Ds2 I could have set a bonfire up there and nothing
14 days overdue. Never known pain like it! Went in again at 6/7 ish, few hours labour, wanted to push but nothing , pushed for what felt longer than I was just contracting!! Begging for a section they even prepped theatre. Because I had face on I couldn’t take gas and air too the loo ( since it’s stuck in the wall 😂 ) he ended up being wedged behind my badder. After midwife now using a catheter to help me relieve myself so I could keep said gas and air sectioned cancelled, few pushes later he was here. Still a stubborn bugger now 🙈 big graze my golly I still held on to my wee after from the pain! ( I know that’s the opposite of what they say to do )
The most amazing feeling having him put on my belly! I obviously missed this bit with DS1.
Such an amazing experience! Worth it and every swear word I made up that ( with ds2. DS1 was just traumatic ) ! I wrote an apology letter for my language 🙈 I think I threatened to bite ( now ex ) man parts off at one point 😂

AutumnLeavesandCandleLights Sun 12-Nov-17 18:58:00

My waters went late on a Wednesday night at 39+3 - completely random, hadn't even been experiencing braxton hicks (that I was aware of anyway), no contractions at that point, no cramping, nothing! It completely caught me off guard. Went to the hospital at around 2am Thursday morning and it was confirmed it was my waters that had gone.

Went back home around 3am and was pretty much awake from the examination through til Thursday morning, afternoon and evening. Minimal contractions the entire time.

Went back to the hospital Friday morning and was induced at 9am. Pessary, drip, epidural all put straight in.
After 9 hours I was only dilated 2-3cms. By that point my waters had been broken for almost 2 days and the infection risk was high.
I was allowed three more hours to dilate and still nothing happened.

Our son was born via emergency c section at 10:09 on the Friday night!

BexleyRae Sun 12-Nov-17 19:12:29

In Greg's having a bacon roll, at about 9am, felt a gush of wetness, it was my plug.
Started with period type cramps at about 2pm, contractions started at 7pm.
Went to hospital at midnight to be told only 2cm dilated and back to back, but as I almost threw up in the corridor leaving, they gave me a room.
Took into birthing pool at 7am, lots of gas & air and DD born at 2.39pm, still in her sack.
Many stitches, to the front, not the back as she basically shot out!

PotatoesGunnaPotate Sat 16-Dec-17 23:36:30

I was 11 days overdue (3 failed sweeps), me and DH went to the hospital at 8am as I was booked in for induction. I was checked over, I was 2cm or so dilated but not in labour. A pessary tablet was put "up there" around 9:30am. I was check again at 12ish, Midwife broke my waters then. She said she'd come back at 2 to set the induction up (plug me into the drip). Luckily at 1:45pm I started getting dull back pains on and off. Midwife was delayed and came back to see me at 3pm. She hooked me up to the monitor and confirmed I was having contractions, I was given a birthing ball shortly after. Contractions got stronger and stronger in my back. Midwife came at 4:30pm asked if I would like to use the birthing pool. I though hmm why not, at this point I was bouncing on the birthing ball a lot as it seemed to help me get through the contractions. At 5pm I was given gas and air (felt very high the first few puffs) shortly after the feeling high novelty wore off but the gas and air was still helping. Eventually contractions made their way round to my bump (felt like very strong cramps) At 6pm I entered the birthing pool (takes 1 hour the fill the pool) luckily I could still use gas and air in the pool. I was in the pool for 3 hours 5 mins. At 9:05pm my beautiful daughter was born in the pool. I delivered her myself. I was pushing for 30mins, at the end my Midwife said, "grab her" as I pushed her out I help her and brought her up to my chest. Most beautiful & proud moment of my life. She weighed 7lb 12oz. I'm very pleased I did not need to be induced, if I did I wouldn't of been able to go in the birthing pool. I would highly recommend the birthing pool, I will hopefully use one the next time I give birth.

Evie May
7lb 12oz

NinkyNonkNightmares Wed 20-Dec-17 01:44:58

38 + 6 first baby
Waters broke around 18:30, contractions started around 20:00, hospital around 21:00, examined around 22:00 - 3cm and given 2 paracetamol, examined again around 23:00 - 8 cm, examined again around 23:45 -10 cm.
Baby born 00:14, no further pain relief, no tears or grazes

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