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VBAC soon after initial C-Section

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AutumnLeavesandCandleLights Wed 01-Nov-17 19:10:13

Hey everyone!

Looking for some experiences from those of you who had a c-section (elective or emergency) then fell pregnant shortly after and managed to have a successful VBAC.
I should note, unsuccessful stories are welcome too as I'd very much like a broad spectrum of things to read to help me finalise my delivery decision.

So, I had an emergency C-Section 10 months ago - my waters burst on their own at 39+2 with no prior contractions or clues that I was remotely close to labour, then nothing happened for almost two days - I ended up being induced due to minimal contractions doing bugger all, but still only got to 2-3cms even after having a pessary and being on the drip for 12hrs.
Baby's head had sunk in to an awkward position and basically got stuck, plus the infection risk was too high since my waters had been broken for so long, so sun roof job it had to be!

I ended up falling pregnant again around 14 weeks after having the caesarean and am now 30 weeks pregnant with baby number two!

I'm about 95% sure I want a VBAC. I'm one of those people that wants to experience a natural birth, but of course, should a c section be needed for any medical reason I will obviously go along with it for the sake of the baby.

The one thing stopping me from getting to 100% certainty is the risk of my scar rupturing. I know the risk is minimal and I've been told that even though I fell pregnant quickly after my first baby, that doesn't mean I'm at higher risk for rupturing or problems. Still, I'm a worrier and can't shake the feeling that I'm going to be one of those mothers that makes up the statistic that are so casually talked through at the VBAC consultant appointments.

I'm also worried that the fact I never dilated properly is going to hinder me again this time around.
With just over 9 weeks to go, I really need to start properly sitting down and thinking about what I want to do, so some stories from people who have been in similar situations would be great!

ElaineandBertie15 Wed 01-Nov-17 21:56:44


umberellaonesie Wed 01-Nov-17 22:00:13

Ask your midwife about activities to do to get baby in an optimal position. If you didn't dilate because babies head wasn't pressing on your cervix optimally then you have time to try and make sure it does this time.
Hypnobirthibg for your worry?

Mixedupmummy Wed 01-Nov-17 23:03:55

Hi. I had a failed induction with my first resulting in c section and tried for a vbac with my second... unfortunately I ended up with another emergency section... although my labour did progress to 9.5cm/just a cervical rim left i didn't fully dilate in time... worries about scar rupturing as had been labouring for 24hrs and waters had been broken for over 2 days by then so risk of infection etc. So.... i think i was unlucky in the circumstances.
I agree with pp who said to look into optimal positioning for baby. Walk as much as you can. Have an active labour. This was my intention but I ended up on all fours on the bed and wouldn't move! Think that didn't help.
I'm pregnant with no 3 and have to have an elective section this time. Part of me is sad I won't experience natural labour but other, (probably more rational?) part knows it doesn't really matter how baby arrived as long baby arrives ok!
Good luck with everything ok.

Want2bSupermum Wed 01-Nov-17 23:06:29

I planned to have a VbAC for my 2nd but he was huge thanks to undiagnosed Gd. Ended up scheduling a CS at 41 weeks.

For my third they would only allow me a CS based on my history and extremely low iron levels.

ElaineandBertie15 Thu 02-Nov-17 08:07:59

The book below is very helpful for planning a Vbac, as is website. Both provide excellent research on having a vbac close to previous c or after several c sections.

ElaineandBertie15 Thu 02-Nov-17 08:11:02

I have a consultant appointment today re: vbac with my second. i feel confident about my options because of the reading and research as I find huge variation amongst health professionals. In the end I find reading around a variety of sources and coming to a view of my own makes for and easier discussion and helps me stay in control.

ElaineandBertie15 Thu 02-Nov-17 08:13:23

The book and the website both have a range of birth stories.

eeanne Thu 02-Nov-17 09:04:01

Not my story but a friend's. Went into labor at almost 42 weeks and ended in a EMCS due to baby in distress after a long and slow labor. She chose to go for ELCS for her second baby who was due 19 months after her first, based on concern that scar rupture might be more likely with births less than 2 years apart.

With #2 she went into labor spontaneously a week before the scheduled CS and baby was delivered naturally less than 2 hours after contractions began - she barely made it to the hospital! So she ended up with a "surprise" successful VBAC grin

gilson Thu 02-Nov-17 23:01:38

Hello, so I had DC2 14 months after DC1 who was an emergency CS in similar circumstances to you. So not as close as your second pregnancy but still pretty close, conceived when DC1 just under 5 mos.

DC1: waters broke naturally and contractions began but the hospital had misdiagnosed me as having Group B Strep so wanted me to go in at first sign of contractions. Needless to say they took ages to amount to anything and after 24 hours I was still only 4cm. I asked for a CS but think it would have ended up that way anyway for 'failure to progress'.

I wanted a VBAC for DC2 but kept open mind. Again waters broke naturally, at 40+1, and contractions began but this time much more effective - he was born 3 hours later!
So although I had only got to 4cm with DC1 I still had a completely different experience with DC2 and was able to dilate efficiently.
(For various reasons I think now that DC1 was back to back which would explain some degree of obstruction to the labour but from my limited understanding of back to back it isn't always an issue.)

In labour I had no pain in the CS scar (happened to have G&A only so was told incidentally I would probably feel it, though could have had more pain relief, it was not related to rupture issue just happened to be enough pain relief - not sure how they monitor for rupture actually, if they rely on mother's reports or the foetal trace?)

I did a lot of research with regard to rupture and closeness of births even down to asking consultant who was about to do the CS for DC1 while I was in throes of hellish labour (as we knew we wanted another baby fairly soon and of course you hear all kinds of stories about time limits and C sections) and he said - and this was echoed subsequently by everyone I asked - that it didn't in his view increase rupture risk.

I had DC3 17 months after DC2, another VBAC and quite quick - 2 hours.

Now 33 weeks with DC 4, two years after DC3 and nobody has been concerned about rupture risk or even mentioned it and all my antenatal care has been under care of two London teaching hospitals (UCLH and Chelsea and Westminster) and believe me I have asked about it!

I am going to ask again at my next appointment (the 'birth plan' one) and if there's anything helpful I'll let you know!

I completely understand your reservation, because while the risk is small it is of something very serious.
My recollection of the rupture risk is it is approximately 0.5%. If you have an induction this increases to ~1% hence why some hospitals will not induce when you have had CS previously but some will and do it very slowly and gently e.g. gel or pessary but no drip, I think.

Sorry this is so long - hope it helps!

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