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ELCS at Warwick

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LeannePerrins Mon 23-Oct-17 14:30:29

I'm pregnant with DC2 and considering my options after a fairly horrendous experience with my birth injuries after DD's birth. Briefly: ventouse assisted delivery; readmitted to hospital with serious infection when episiotomy became infected and burst; gaping hole in perineum left to heal naturally; terrible pain from wound and granulation tissue leaving me unable to walk more than about 500m for the first four months of DD's life. Not as bad as some, as I was lucky not to develop any problems with incontinence and did not need further repair, but still pretty fucking hideous.

Having done a lot of research, I feel pretty strongly that I want an ELCS this time around. I’m likely to book in at Warwick (we live in Solihull and Heartlands is a nightmare to get to) and I’ve read that this trust is proactively reducing its elective caesarean rate, and I’m concerned that I may have a battle on my hands.

Any recent experiences of ELCS at Warwick?

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