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EVC for transverse baby at 39 weeks

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MadameJosephine Wed 15-Nov-17 09:59:37

Congratulations 💐

Gunpowder Thu 09-Nov-17 18:59:31

Congratulations! Glad she turned for you (One of my twins keeps turning transverse!) and hope the birth was ok.

ohidoliketobe Thu 09-Nov-17 02:21:18

Congratulations xx

Guardup Thu 09-Nov-17 02:05:22

Just as an update in case anyone is trawling the internet like I was for people in the same situation, my DD was born yesterday naurally. Luckily she didn’t move back to transverse and although she kept me waiting for 8 days past my due date she is well worth it!! X

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Guardup Tue 24-Oct-17 22:11:51

Thanks westeringhome. I have to say I was in a bit of a state this morning, my options felt out of control. An evc my whole being was screaming no but my head was telling me I should give it a try, a c section which comes with recovery time and major surgery or a potential painful v delivery (and I’ve already had one of those, 45 min dilation and a forcep delivery with no pain relief which is in the forefront of my mind). Thankfully now I feel I might, possibly, have a bit of control with a v delivery and I’ll be asking for a epidural the minute I’m admitted! I hope your outcome is what you want also xx

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BaskingTrout Tue 24-Oct-17 22:10:19

Good news!! I'm very glad for you. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan from now.

westeringhome Tue 24-Oct-17 21:35:47

That's great news Guardup, although I understand what you mean about not exactly looking forward to another vaginal birth, I'm in a similar predicament as in I have been referred for a presentation scan but I'll be 38 weeks by the time they can fit me for the scan in so am a bit nervous of what might / mightn't need to happen and it has been helpful to hear what others have to say. Wishing you all the best!

Guardup Tue 24-Oct-17 14:08:02

Just had my scan/ evc appointment. Delighted to say baby is head down all on her own so hopefully set for a natural birth. So relieved.

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Anatidae Mon 23-Oct-17 21:19:52

I personally would never consent to an ecv. I think the risks are too high - if a baby hasn’t turned it can be due to reasons like cord length, uterine structure, etc. Forcing a turn in those circumstances can lead to cord compression, placental abruption etc - there is just no way I’d consent to it.

If you do, make sure the person doing it is experienced, that you’re in a unit with a nicu and facilities for a crash section and that you’ll be given extended monitoring,

You don’t have to consent to an ecv.

BaskingTrout Mon 23-Oct-17 21:16:15

Good luck! But do take a full hospital bag with you to your scan, and make sure you've got childcare in place, in case they decide to admit you there and then.
When the decision was made to admit me, I said I'll just pop home and get my DD from nursery and get the rest of my things. The hospital were really cautious and said they didn't even want me to leave the building! My husband had to basically walk out of work and say sorry, my paternity leave starts now!
And don't worry that you weren't more assertive, even if the ECV had been offered earlier, there are no guarantees.

Guardup Mon 23-Oct-17 18:21:02

Thank you so much for your replies - it's really appreciated.

I spoke with a midwife, who checked my notes and the baby was transverse on my 20 week scan, so I should have been scanned again at 34 weeks but it looks like it was missed. It makes me think that the baby has been transverse throughout the pregnancy though. I will just need to wait until the scan tomorrow to see how the baby is laying and then go from there, but I think you are right in saying I need to plan for a c section (mentally and with childcare). I've been getting lots of back pain and pain in my pelvis, but when the doctor asked me I did just say i was uncomfortable, but i am 37 and 38 weeks pregnant with two other children to look after so i just take it as expected pain, but my midwife says not and I should have said every niggle. I am going to write down my questions as my mind just goes blank when the doctor speaks to me. I'm probably too easily lead as I don't want to be a burden to the doctor so just go along with what they say..... had I of stuck to my guns at my 36 week check I wouldn't be in this position now so i think I need to be a bit more assertive about the whole thing.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences. I will make sure I update the post as I have been trawling the internet for people in a similar position!


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pastabakewithcheese Mon 23-Oct-17 15:10:02

Oh forgot to add my ECV was at 37 or 38 weeks. Very late, probably why it didn't work. I absolutely wanted to avoid c section and my recovery was bad because I haemorrhaged and lost 1 litre of blood (completely unrelated to the operation itself, that went fine, it was the aftermath where the doctors didn't give me clexane to clot the blood)

pastabakewithcheese Mon 23-Oct-17 15:06:55

My ECV didn't work, so I ended up with a c section anyway. Take the opportunity if you want, at the moment as the baby is, you'll probably be needing a c section, so this ECV is just a chance to potentially change that

BaskingTrout Mon 23-Oct-17 14:54:58

I'm not sure I've got too much helpful advice, I'm afraid, as i never ended up having an ECV.
DS was an unstable but mostly transverse lie for most of my pregnancy. We kept hoping he would sort himself out but by the time we got to about 37 weeks, it was getting clear that he wouldn't. i was offered an ECV but when i went for the appointment, the consultant pretty much said that there wasn't any point. He was moving around that much, and I had lots of fluid, that they thought that even if they did get him to turn, the chances were he would just turn back again. i was checked (by the community midwife) every other day until i was admitted.

i was admitted on to the ante-natal ward at 38+2 and had a CS at 39+1. I know that my NHS trust tend to do CS's for transverse or unstable lie as close to 39 weeks as possible. Obviously the risk is that your waters will go and the cord will be compressed, so they want to do it as early as possible, once the 39 week limit is passed. (They don't like doing an CS before 39 weeks unless there is a medical need). So i doubt they would wait until 39 weeks to do an ECV.

Can you call your community midwife or the maternity assessment unit? If you have been scheduled for a CS you will obviously need to get all your childcare etc sorted. Just plan on the assumption you will be going into hospital tomorrow and not leaving until you've had the baby.
To be honest, I'm a bit surprised they haven't admitted you for monitoring already. My hospital really didn't want me out of their sight after 38 weeks.
If you'd rather avoid a CS, then its maybe worth trying the ECV to see if it will work, although there are obviously risks attached.

(sorry for the long and slightly confused post!)

Guardup Mon 23-Oct-17 07:51:16

This is my first post to please bear with me!
I’m 37 years old and currently 38+6 with my third child. When I went to my 36 week check I told my midwife I thought my baby had moved, she checked but was sure that the had was in my pelvis. I just accepted that and carried on, then at my 38 week check she said it was still head down, but I said I really wasn’t sure. She referred me for a scan that day, which confirmed a transverse lay with the feet in my pelvis and the baby is 8lbs. I saw the consultant about an hour later who explained I would need an evc, but this has to be done at a different hospital where I would be able to have a c section if required. He told me that the odds of it being successful was around 70%. I’ve been looking online and everyone seems to have been offered the evc at around 37 weeks. My understanding is that they booked me in for an evc for tomorrow although it was all a bit confusing as we were farmed from one person to the next after the initial scan. I will be 39 weeks exactly. I checked my notes from last week and the consultant said in them I need an evc in the next 48 hours (which would have been last Friday) and to be booked in for a c section within the week (which would be tomorrow when I’m booked in for). I’m really confused as to what to do as the 48 hour urgency for the evc has lapsed and I have no idea if I’ve actually just been booked for a section tomorrow. I had to have lots of swabs done last week and been told to be nil by mouth. Has anyone successfully had an evc at 39 weeks? If I’m honest part of my doesn’t want it to be successful as the thought of giving birth again is quite petrifying, although I’ve done it before so I know when I comes to it I’ll dig deep and cope. I’m not keen on having a section either as I have 2 other children to look after. This is a bit of a confused post I know, but I guess what I’m asking is should I have an evc if I’m offered tomorrow at such a late stage? Or, do I just refuse and accept a c section? Does anyone have an pearls of wisdom or experiences they can share?
Thanks so much

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