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Anorectal manometrey test scaried 😱

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Reema2017 Fri 20-Oct-17 22:20:22

Hi ladies,
I delivered a baby on last august and I had a tear from 3degree the doctor told me to do anorectal manometer test and I am so scary to do it , I don't feel I have a any problem in abotum but still not full recover . I really just want to know if any one have the same experience and did you do the test ? And how was it? Is it difficult or not? Thanks a lot

Positivevibe Fri 20-Oct-17 22:40:34

Hi OP,
I had a manometry 6 months after birth (was faecal incontinent for 5 days after the initial constipation + urgency after that).
The test is fine. They ask you to take your bottom half off, cover yourself with the paper sheet and lie down on your side (not on your front like it was for the rectal scan - I'm assuming you've had a rectal scan).
They'll put the probe in and then ask you to squeeze or squeeze and hold several times. The machine records the strength of your sphincter and it looks a bit like a seismograph reading.

There was a chaperone with me (I imagine a lot of colorectal surgeons are men).

That's it. Then they'll discuss the results with you (are you within normal range? what are your symptoms at the moment?) and see if they think they'd need to check up on you again (I saw them again at 9 months and then 18 months to be discharged).

It's quick and painless. I hope it goes well.

Reema2017 Sun 22-Oct-17 16:51:18

Thanks my dear for responding, it's help a lot. I just to ask you do you know if it's okay to bring my baby with me ??
Thanks (:

Positivevibe Sun 22-Oct-17 21:29:58

Yes, can't see why not. The room I was in was like at the GP's: one area with a desk and chairs and one area with a bed for examinations and a curtain between the two so the room can be divided.
I didn't have my child with me on that occasion but went to numerous physio appointments with him. Often there'd be a member of staff (nurse, sometimes receptionist) who would entertain him whilst I had my consultation.

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