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Sweep with a toddler there

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LoveIsPatient Thu 19-Oct-17 21:12:46

I'm due my second in 5 days and when I'm 40+1 I am booked in for a cervical sweep. I don't have any childcare for my 1.5 year old so was hoping to bring him with me for my 10:45 appointment. DH will be around from 11:45 so if anything does happen he will be there afterwards and doctors is only a 5 minute drive from home.

However still the issue of a noisy DS whilst I have quite an intimate procedure...

Anyone else had to have another child there for a sweep?

Also any success stories for a second (3rd, 4th etc) birth induced from a sweep?

DS was born at 40+5 without one.


BloodSplatteredFangs Thu 19-Oct-17 21:14:26

Can you strap your DS into a pram and distract with toys/sticker book or even iPad if necessary?

dorislessingscat Thu 19-Oct-17 21:16:19

Sorry but this is a really terrible idea. Do you not even have a mum friend who could come with you and stay in the waiting room with your DC?

If not I would rebook your appointment.

GlitteryFluff Thu 19-Oct-17 21:18:35

When I had one with Ds it was only a minute or two, so as a last resort I reckon it'll do, DC strapped to buggy with toys as pp said.

TequilaLemonSalt Thu 19-Oct-17 21:46:26

And chocolate buttons! Let him stuff his face with an iPad and all will be ok grin good luck.

Mummyme87 Fri 20-Oct-17 09:24:44

I have done many a sweep with toddlers in tow... bring something to entertain them, iPad, books, mobile phone, toys, sweets.. whatever works. It’s over and done with in minutes

Brummiegirl15 Fri 20-Oct-17 15:24:41

If you haven't got childcare, you don't have childcare. This is where a buggy and treats come in. Mobile phone, choccy buttons and have the buggy facing you, (so away from the midwife)

It's not ideal, but if you don't have anyone, you don't have anyone. I had one Tuesday, was highly unpleasant for me, but was over in a couple of minutes

TippetyTapWriter Fri 20-Oct-17 17:02:21

I had an attempted sweep on Monday with 2.5 yr old ds there. He was in his buggy with some snacks, parked at the other end of the room to the action! It was fine.

elliejjtiny Wed 25-Oct-17 16:35:35

I only had a sweep with my first but had a smear with toddler and baby there and it was fine.

LoveIsPatient Fri 27-Oct-17 21:26:57

Thanks all for the advice! Fortunately had DD on Monday before any sweep. A home birth with no toddler there haha!

GlitteryFluff Fri 27-Oct-17 21:35:15

Ah amazing. Congratulations!

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