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C section wound after 7 weeks

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Starwhisperer Tue 17-Oct-17 16:46:12

As the title suggests, I had an ELCS just over 7 weeks ago.
I'm obese and now have a large, flabby overhang covering my scar.
2 weeks post delivery I was swabbed and no infection was found.
3 weeks post delivery I was treated for a fungal skin infection.
Last week I had a small amount of bleeding from the wound. I saw a nurse at my GP surgery who confirmed I had a couple of little openings but nothing to worry about. She advised the heat and moisture from the overhanging tummy was making it hard to heal and suggested putting some gauze over the wound to soak up sweat and keep it dry.
I've been doing this and everyday noticed some yellowy green discharge on the gauze.
I imagine at 7 weeks this isn't "normal" but would anyone know if it's a reason to worry? I've seen the nurse so many times I'm feeling like quite the nuisance and don't want to go again unnecessarily.

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DuggeeHugs Tue 17-Oct-17 20:01:31

If there was an opening to let the blood out then, unfortunately, there's an opening to let infection in. I'd see the nurse again to get it checked.

You're not being a nuisance either. You have a surgical wound which needs to heal properly - it isn't worth the risk of not getting it checked out flowers

fatfingeredfran Wed 18-Oct-17 09:22:40

Not sure about the discharge, but I found it helpful to wear a maternity pad over the wound for a while, perhaps the gauze suggestion is a similar idea. It really helped keep mine clean and dry. It’s pretty normal to have a bit of an overhang so soon after having a baby and a c section, it’s not just obese people that get it.

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