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Homerton vs St Thomas?

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BubbleFrog Mon 16-Oct-17 19:58:37

I have to make a decision tomorrow on either of these so anyone's experience would be great.

I had DD1 at St Thomas and they were great but have moved since and it further away. I'm high risk and they have a NICU on site plus I know the hospital very well.

Homerton much closer and they have birthing pools even in the labour ward which would be nice...but worried as have heard some horror stories and their latest CQC required improvement in maternity services.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

rose7120 Mon 16-Oct-17 21:00:56

I used Homerton this year and found it a positive experience. On a practical level they don’t have parking, so reliant on taxis. However, the staff were really good on the delivery ward. The post natal ward was a bit manic and hot.

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