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How would you choose to give birth?

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TheBreastmilksOnMe Mon 16-Oct-17 15:48:53

I am just looking for experiences and advice regarding what you’d do if you had the same childbirth history as me.

My first was back to back and large. She was a Long labour ending in a c-sect at 9cms due to failure to progress.

My second was a vaginal birth. Good progress from 0-7cms (12hrs) then from 7-10cms was another 12hrs. They think he turned back to back. 2nd degree tear.

My third I decided to have a planned c-sect as I felt too afraid to try for a vaginal birth.

Throughout each of these pregnancies, I always wanted a home waterbirth, even bought the birth pool in a box twice and used it a few times during pregnancy. It felt wonderful!

Now I’m planning on no 4 and would love a home water birth however I’m not sure if it’s somehting I can do. Hospital is a 30min drive away.

Has anyone here had a successful VBA2C? And done it at home? How was it?

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