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Signs of labour?

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Ladybirdgal Sun 15-Oct-17 19:17:53

Hola smile

Just looking for a bit of advice as I’m really clueless. I’m 39 weeks pregnant today but since Friday, my braxton hicks have really amped up that it’s happening more often now. I was at a hen do yesterday afternoon when all of a sudden, I had theee worst stomach ache/cramps and had to leave early. Been on the toilet constantly, thought it would get better today but it’s been the same again today. I feel like I have nothing left in me apart from my guts wanting to drop out.

Along with what feels like Braxton Hicks every hour, slight backache and having a similar feeling to what I’d get before my period starts, I think my body is just trolling me but my friend thinks it’s possibly the start of labour?

Has anyone else had similar experiences to this?

NameChange30 Sun 15-Oct-17 19:20:02

Yep sounds like the start of labour to me. Mine felt like really bad period pain to begin with. You'll know when it kicks off for good - it's pretty unmistakable when the "period pain" turns into contractions. Good luck!

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