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Elective C-Section Fitzrovia Suite UCLH

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curlylocks88 Sun 15-Oct-17 16:24:53

I'm 37 and currently pregnant (17 weeks) with my first child. I had planned on having the birth at UCLH as this is my nearest hospital, and previous experiences generally having been positive. However, my experiences of the midwifery team so far have been less than satisfactory and I'm now seriously considering going privately.

Due to proximity, I'd like to have the baby privately at UCLH which would mean an elective c-section in the Fitzrovia Suite.

Does anyone have any experience of the private wing and would you recommend it? If not, where else should I consider? Also, any recommendations re consultants?

Thanks in advance.

MVixen Fri 10-Nov-17 21:54:43

Hi there, I’m currently 22 or so weeks pregnant with my second. First was had via emergency c section at UCLH and for the experience we had, I couldn’t think of another hospital to go to. I did find the bedside manner of some of the midwives during antenatal care a little lacking. However, our experience during labour delivery and after care until shift change was top notch!! Re private, st marys lindo wing is supposed to be great if you want to go down the private natural route. Good luck

Gatgat27 Fri 19-Jan-18 19:39:21

Hello curlylocks88, I’m wondering if you had any feedback/made any decisions about a private Consultant at Fitzrovia suite.

Im currently doing my antenatal at UCLH and am astounded by their lack of professionalism and incompetence. I did not feel the same way when I was under their care for my first child 3 years ago. Things have definitely gone downhill. So am really keen to hear if you found out anything about their private Consultants.

All the best!

MVixen Fri 19-Jan-18 20:56:46

Hello ladies, contrary to what I said previously, my experience has rapidly turned into why Gatgat27 describes. We are seriously considering changing care, it is that dire. Any feedback you can share on the Fitzrovia suite would be great.

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