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Birth pool in a box tips for home birth

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LoveIsPatient Tue 10-Oct-17 14:10:13

So 38 weeks pregnant today with DC2, birth pool in a box (mini) arrived for our planned home birth. Just wanted any tips about using it really! We don't have a combi boiler so aware that filling it up will take longer.

Anyone out there used this product for a home birth who can share their experience?


OtterSpace Tue 10-Oct-17 14:28:32

Hi Love
I’m 39+3 and also waiting for DC2 with birth pool in a box on standby (we have the regular size).
I would definitely recommend a test run if you can, it’s given my DH lots of confidence and ironed out a few issues. It also meant DD1 had chance to have a splash grin.
We only filled it half way but it was useful to get an idea of fill times, and how much water pressure the tap adaptor could take (funny shaped mixer tap)! Also make sure the base and seat valves are done up - DH forgot and they deflated with water in (not too much of an issue with the base but you wouldn’t want to have to empty the pool to reinflate!).
If your labour is progressing slowly I’ve read to fill up at 40degC to minimum line then top up with cold when you want to get in.
Good luck!

LoveIsPatient Thu 19-Oct-17 21:14:22

Thanks for this! Hoping bub is with you now and that the waterbirth went to plan smile

GummyGoddess Thu 19-Oct-17 21:21:39

Don't get in too soon, if you're like me you'll curl into a ball for many hours and manage a miraculous halt in labour once ready to push. Then be made to get out and do squats and lunges before having your dc in the bathroom grin

Despite that I'm thrilled with how the birth went!

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