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Birth after previous 3C tear?

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IncyWincySpiderOnRepeat Sun 08-Oct-17 21:24:33


I suffered a 3C tear having DD (now 2) which took about 18 months to heal to a point where I felt normal. Recovery was awful and I have been left with some lasting minor issues.

My husband and I are now debating ttc. We both really want a second little one but I am just not sure I can bring myself to do pregnancy and birth again as it took so long to recover after my first...

The thought of an ELCS is terrifying, but as far as I know this will be my safest option for delivery.

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and has gone on to have more babies?

Also interested in ELCS experiences?


Yogafire Sun 08-Oct-17 21:33:08

I've had 2 x elcs and I found them both fine, even though I was anxious about the first. Recovery can take a few weeks but that's better than the 18m you had first time. Good luck

Rockandrollwithit Sun 08-Oct-17 21:40:45

I had a traumatic first birth, forceps, third degree tearing and a massive haemorrhage (3 litres). Be prepared that your consultant will say that second births are completely different and that medically the odds are that you will have a better experience, so there's nothing to stop you doing it naturally.

I had an ELCS for my second a month ago. And it was lovely. So calm and I had absolutely no pain or discomfort throughout. I was up and walking around within 7 hours.

Recovery wise, I kept on top of my medication and didn't have any serious pain. The first week was uncomfortable but by the second I felt much more normal. Four weeks later I just have a bruised feeling that doesn't bother me at all and I'm back to driving etc. The recovery has been much better than the first time.

The key is that you can plan for your recovery. You know beforehand what you will and will not be able to do and can arrange help/childcare in advance for your older child. Only you know what will work best for you but ELCS isn't scary and I have no regrets.

Eggsnbeans Wed 11-Oct-17 07:54:49

I had a 4th degree tear with my last birth and just had appointment with OB to discuss impending delivery! I did a lot of research and concluded 3c/4th degree tear you are safest to go for a CS (3a/n seems much less risky) and she agreed. I'm really sad not to be having another VB, but a CS is going to be 10x better than another nasty tear, so seems like a sensible compromise. I totally get your worry though, CS is riskier than a VB, guaranteed surgery vs 10% risk of another 3rd/4th degree tear, but balanced against the 10%risk of another tear and 25% risk of worsened incontinence after another VB (possibly even permanent incontinence)...

If you're wondering about pregnancy worsening your symptoms, I've found mine to be slightly worse, but not significantly so. Might be more important if I had a different job!

Trampire Wed 11-Oct-17 08:05:32

I had a 3 degree tear in 2005. I had lots of physio to recover (although I still have some issues to be fair).

I had my second dc in 2007. I was offered an ELCS by a consultant. He told me it was be the safest option but no-one could tell me what would happen if I went for a vaginal birth. He said it could be fine and left it entirely up to me.

I didn't opt for the ELCS. I can't remember my exact thinking now, but I think I wanted a chance at a better recovery - I.e guaranteed longer recovery from ELCS versus possible good outcome/shorter recovery from vaginal birth.

I ended up being induced early as I was very poorly with bad liver function etc. My second birth was very quick without any intervention. I had some small tears but nothing compared to before.

There's no one right answer. I think if my consultant had been more 'forceful' about ELCS being the better option for me the second time I would have gone for it. It turned out ok for me in the end, which I'm very thankful for.

Rufustherenegadereindeer1 Wed 11-Oct-17 08:10:44

I had two babies by consultant recommended ELCS

All fine, my recovery from the natural birth was much longer than from the ELCS

I have some issues following the first birth 18 years ago and have made a drs apt to see if anything can be done at this late stage


LeavesinAutumn Sat 14-Oct-17 14:03:30

Air the wound don't do any heavy lifting, take it easy for to weeks. I had elc and had shorter recovery time than friends with damage bellow

Tfoot75 Sat 14-Oct-17 14:14:01

I had a 3a tear first time, it healed very well and didn't put me off second time around, the consultant said around a 10% chance of repeat tear and was happy to sign me off for the midwife led unit again. I asked for more coaching not to push at crowning second time, didn't push as much as I could physically prevent it! Both water births. Repeat 3a tear. It has healed ok, but not quite as 100% as the first time. I am not planning a third but would not risk it a third time if we should have a surprise third pregnancy, even though I can imagine c section recovery with existing children is pretty bad not to mention very inconvenient!! Because the recovery second time was worse, I would not recommend risking it with a 3c tear that took a long time to recover first time. Best to take the lower risk c section in my view.

Orangepear Sat 14-Oct-17 14:39:26

I had a 3C tear then ELCS 3 years later. The consultant said it was my decision and there was 4% chance of another serious tear. I'm still pleased with my decision even though I found the surgery an unpleasant experience as I'm quite squeamish, the recovery was so quick compared to my awful VB. I almost changed my mind at the last minute as I went into labour the day before I was booked in and was 7cm when I got to hospital, and I didn't really want a CS. But it worked out well for me. It's a hard decision though as some people have lengthy recoveries from CS. What are your concerns about the CS?

IncyWincySpiderOnRepeat Mon 16-Oct-17 21:21:56

Hi, thank you for all the replies.

I think it is the thought of having a fairly major surgery whilst being awake that worries me, along with the possible risk of complications for baby or myself.

Also a little daunted when thinking about the recovery period whilst looking after my DD who will be three.

It is very comforting to hear from others who have had similar experiences that an ELCS can be fine and a good experience, perhaps even easier in the long run than a traumatic natural birth.

Think we are going to go for it.. wish us luck!

LeavesinAutumn Fri 20-Oct-17 13:43:15

Good luck incy, I must say you need to be careful with toddler cant lift him etc. or let him jump on you.

it was scary setting foot in the theatre, however everyone jollies you along they see this all the time, they said I was the most scared person they had ever had and I was only scared until the spinal block went in!

Orangepear Sat 21-Oct-17 22:32:48

I did find it very weird being awake but it's quite quick. As for risk of complications, I felt much better being in theatre with surgeon and anaesthetist already there and my blood already cross matched (I had a transfusion after my VB). The only complication for me was that my bladder went into shock and I couldn't wee, so even though I was fine I had to stay in hospital for 4 days then had a catheter in at home for a further week. So that wasn't very nice but I'd still take the CS if I ever had a next time. I don't recall any difficulty with my 3yo. DH had a month off so that helped, then actually my 3yo was super helpful bringing me things! She could manage stairs by herself, toilet etc so it was fine.

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