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Epidural ? Yay or Nay?

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louiserachael Mon 18-Sep-17 20:45:34

I've been told the pain of having the epidural administered is so painful ?? Any ladies had one with some advice ??

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SockQueen Mon 18-Sep-17 20:57:44

I didn't have one but have put in a few hundred.

They shouldn't be terribly painful to insert. The most difficult part for most labouring women is that you must stay completely still while it's being inserted, which is very difficult when having contractions! The anaesthetist will use local anaesthetic to numb the skin - this can feel quite stingy, but means that the epidural needle shouldn't hurt. Then you'd feel some pressure in your back as they put the needle into the right place. Sometimes some women get some electric shock-like sensations as the needle goes in or when they're putting the epidural catheter in - this is normal and they should stop very quickly if you tell the anaesthetist and they stop what they're doing. So overall, although there might be some painful moments, they shouldn't last long, and assuming it works, the pain relief you get is brilliant.

Obviously you don't HAVE to have one, and plenty of women labour and deliver without an epidural, myself included. But if you ended up needing/wanting one, they shouldn't be something to be afraid of.

1stTimeRounder Mon 18-Sep-17 20:59:34

I had pain whilst it was administered. The canular in my.hand was more.painful lol !!

Definitely YAY for the epidural. Trust me when you are in labour you'd sell a kidney to get some pain relief! Once the epidural is in its amazing!

Lules Mon 18-Sep-17 21:01:38

It doesn't hurt, but it is hard to stay still when you're having contractions. The relief afterwards is amazing so would def recommend unless your labour is short.

Spam88 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:03:44

A YAY from me.

I don't remember any pain while it was being put in, just the electric shock feeling down one leg.

MujosMama Mon 18-Sep-17 21:03:51

I would say if you are in enough pain during labour to want a needle in your back you definitely won't mind the pain of it! It didn't hurt at all for me, but the relief of being able to have some rest from the contraction pain was absolutely invaluable.

Pregosaurus Mon 18-Sep-17 21:05:52

Just to second what sockqueen said, you might not need one, they don't hurt to be put in if you do and I had one with no issues at all.

Who told you they hurt?!!! hmm

SimplyNigella Mon 18-Sep-17 21:07:18

I was adamant that I didn't want an epidural, but after a very long labour that wasn't progressing my doula told me that if I didn't have an epidural I would likely be in too pain and too exhausted to deliver without an emergency c section. I listened, hardly felt the epidural go in and it was a blessed relief. I can still remember how is amazing it felt when the pain stopped 3.5 years later.

Funnyonion17 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:07:55

I agree a canula hurts more. Epidurals don't work on me, first birth I was given a full spinal block eventually. 2nd birth used no pain relief and 3rd didn't work, even placing it again and the strongest stuff. They work great for most ppl though and my anesthetist worked inbetween contractions, so it was pretty straight forward and not a stressful process.

Watto1 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:08:17

I'm afraid my epidural with dd was awfulsad. I didn't want it but my blood pressure was going through the roof and a side effect of an epidural is a lowering of blood pressure. It took forever. I had to curl up in a ball whilst having contractions. I think the anaesthetist was inexperienced. I was one of the unlucky ones that had a thumping headache for days afterwards. Not ideal when you are trying to breastfeed and bond with your baby.

With ds two years later, I needed a planned caesarean. I was more petrified of the spinal anaesthetic than of the operation itself. However, it was completely different. The anaesthetist did it in the blinking of an eye and no headache afterwards. It was fantastic!So two totally different experiences!

Silly35 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:08:30

I have never heard they hurt? I had one and didn't feel a thing. Perhaps that was on comparison to labour pains!
The cannula in my arm and removal of catheter hurt more!

mogulfield Mon 18-Sep-17 21:09:12

I had one, didn't hurt at all. I was laughing and joking when it was administered (the anaesthetist was telling jokes).
Turns out it didn't work and I needed a GA for my c section! I really wouldn't worry about it smile

lightcola Mon 18-Sep-17 21:09:32

Had one both times. They are lush. The needle is the least of your problems. Contractions cannot be described...

thismeansnothing Mon 18-Sep-17 21:10:15

Did not hurt one bit having it inserted. The hardest bit was keeping still while high in g&a and getting a contraction part way through the procedure.

Mine only partially worked and gave me an absolutely stonking headache, but even this was preferable to labour pain 😂

Tilapia Mon 18-Sep-17 21:11:50

Agree with the above answers. I hadn't planned to have one, but after a long labour (it took me 15 hours to get from 5cm to 8cm) it was a huge relief from the pain. I don't remember it hurting at all.

Iris65 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:12:28

I had one during labour and didn't notice it being sited, although I did throw up and pass out because my BP dipped quite fast. After that it was great. I had very little pain, but could still feel my legs and feel to push. The anaesthetist was awesome!

k567 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:12:53

I'm so pleased I chose to have an epidural. When you feel a contraction coming you can tell the Anaesthetist and they can wait. I felt a bit of pushing as he was trying to site the needle and slight electric shock feeling but I wouldn't describe any of it as painful.

The epidural took away all of the pain I had with my contractions. Would totally do it again. Could still feel myself pushing.

ChocoholicsAnonymous Mon 18-Sep-17 21:15:09

I didn't feel pain of the epidural. All the pain I could feel was the contractions! The cannula in my hand was more painful than the epidural!

AdmiralSirArchibald Mon 18-Sep-17 21:17:37

When that epidural kicks in is the best moment! I don't remember any pain as a result before or after but the blessed relief... amazing

Mrsbclinton Mon 18-Sep-17 21:29:14

Yay for the epidural I say!
I honestly dont remember any pain when they were putting it in.
It felt cold on my back and you have to stay still but my god the pain relief was fantastic.
I got it for each of my three births even though the last one ended up an emergency c section they were able to top it up so I didnt need a general anaesthetic.

Pixie2015 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:31:40

Had 2 both times no pain on insertion was just worried incase I couldn't sit still but I managed and enjoyed x

Hairgician Mon 18-Sep-17 21:34:33

Bit stingy getting local anaesthetic in and bit of pressure putting needle in but that's it. Think I had the electric shock thing too as vaguely remember the anesthetist having to resite it.
They then had to give me full spinal for emcs.

VelvetKitty Mon 18-Sep-17 22:16:13

I didn't feel a thing. Probably because after hours of horrific contractions and days of no sleep I just wanted some respite. Do what you need to do to get through your labour - your body will tell you what you need.

RosieposiePuddingandPi Mon 18-Sep-17 22:24:36

I'm in agreement with everyone above, I felt nothing when having one during labour with DS and if I hadn't had it I'm convinced things would have ended up much worse than they did. And the feeling of amazing relief when it kicked in will stay with me forever! If I have another child I'll definitely be happy to have another grin

Voice0fReason Mon 18-Sep-17 22:31:17

I didn't feel a thing when mine was done - the contractions were crippling at the time! It was, without doubt, the best decision I could possibly have made at the time.
Giving birth after that was very straightforward and completely painless.

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