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Midwife vs Consultant care at the Kensington Wing

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LesPins Sat 16-Sep-17 15:11:07

The private practice there is very OB-led and (unless things have changed) you will be reliant on busy doctors being called
over from the NHS side or on the graciousness of a consultant who is around and has a free 10 minutes should a doctor's opinion be needed.
That said if you've had one uncomplicated pregnancy and birth the MW led service could be an economical option although I definitely preferred the continuity of care and expertise I got under the OBs.

JennyB86 Fri 15-Sep-17 21:43:22

Hello all! I'm newly pregnant with our second child and we've decided to give birth at the Kensington Wing. Now trying to decide between midwife and consultant led care. I'm an American ex-pat and this is not something that I had to choose with my first child (I saw both a doctor and midwife at a small practice depending on who was available). Are there any obvious pros or cons to either that I may not be considering? My first pregnancy and birth were routine with no major complications. I'd like some continuity of care throughout the pregnancy but am ok with seeing a few different practitioners if need be. Thanks for any input!

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