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Post C section sex

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Disneybump Sat 09-Sep-17 00:24:44

So I had an EMCS Monday and am now home with DH and DD (who is a little angel) and settling nicely into our new routine as a trio. My DH has been eagerly awaiting her arrival as much as me and we both spend all our time obsessing over her. Which is normal I know.

But what I don't think is normal is I am OBSESSED with him. I don't know whether it's post birth bonding hormones going crazy but I am like a schoolgirl for him. I can't stop looking at him and I'm starting to crave his attention like you wouldn't believe and I am DESPERATE to jump on him! The only thing is I am super sore and I know now is really not the time. I need to heal.

Has anyone else felt like this? Is there something wrong with me? Any tips for self control??? I'm like a horny teenager it's awful help!

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Heratnumber7 Sat 09-Sep-17 00:30:31


DeliciouslyHella Sat 09-Sep-17 03:17:09

I don't think it's weird at all! It is absolutely the bonding hormones going crazy as you're all loved up with DH.

Be sensible though - you had major abdominal surgery this week. You will have layers of stitches in your abdomen that could be disturbed by the movement. Wait until the lochia has stopped and you've healed a bit more.

After my EMCS, I was recommended to wait a minimum of 4 weeks.

AmyJessicax26 Sat 09-Sep-17 03:22:08

I was exactly the same it was dreadful ! Some people do my sister had sex basically straight after but I waited till day 11- just wait till u can move without wincing loads and your ready to go ! - ps regardless it'll be painful x

Disneybump Sat 09-Sep-17 07:09:01

Thanks girls! Apart from heratnumber7 that was literally the most unhelpful comment that has ever been posted...

I guess I'm kind of intrigued as to why I feel like this as well!? Is it the bonding hormones as you say? Could it be I am falling in love with him all over again in his new role as a dad (which he is amazing at) or can I see his unconditional love for her and want to show him romantic love the way only I can as a means of strengthening the bond we have too? He gives me plenty of attention still and we are always cuddling so I don't feel left out or jealous but I thought this could be a way of nature rekindling the love after a long hard pregnancy (where I did not feel horny in the slightest). Maybe it's that I'm starting to look and feel like my old self again.

Or is it just another one of those crazy things that happens to us along with all the other crazy things!!? So good to know I'm not alone. Thanks girlies ♡

Ps will definitely wait to heal first... I am sore!! But beige patient is going to take some willpower

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TiramisuQueenoftheFaeries Sat 09-Sep-17 16:58:12

I think it's mostly hormones, tbh, but what the hell, enjoy it while it lasts. Once he goes back to work and the sleep deprivation really kicks in, you might feel a bit differently. Which is also normal grin

Disneybump Sat 09-Sep-17 23:13:08

Oh God... is that when it kicks in???

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