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Consultant appointment

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Leanne17 Fri 08-Sep-17 09:05:07

Hi I have my 28week consultant appointment Monday.

I had a vaginal birth that ended in a 3rd degree tear with my first leading me to have an elcs with my second. I had to have a lot of digging done as I struggle still with my bowels among other things from my tear, the coloscpy consultant said I'd be silly basically to risk another vagina as I could be at high risk of becoming Incontinent .

At my appointment knowing all of this what exactly will they try telling me etc??

Will they try talking me out of elcs this time or will it be a matter of them agreeing?
I know date wise I won't get one until 35/36 weeks. (Altho knowing this soon would be lovely)

Think I'm just panicking as it's come around so quickly!

I'd also like them to measure me as I feel small, assuming I could ask for this.


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DoctorMonty Sat 09-Sep-17 20:45:13

Hi Leanne17,
Believe it or not, doctors are not out to make your life miserable smile It's good to research and to fact find, and know what you're going into, and yes, sometimes they don't have time to listen properly etc. but they're not there just to "try to tell you" to do stuff!

I would expect that you'll have a straightforward conversation about your previous births and the trouble you've had since your tear, followed by an agreement that caesarean is a good choice for you, and a follow-up appointment at 36 weeks to go through the booking and paperwork as you say.

They may want to clarify a few things but to me this is cut and dry, and you'll probably be done and dusted in 10 minutes. You have 2 reasons to have a section (previous 3rd degree tear with symptoms, previous section) and no sensible doctor is going to start trying to persuade you to have a vaginal birth.

DoctorMonty Sat 09-Sep-17 20:46:05

Oh - and they should be measuring your bump at every appointment, as should your midwife. If they don't, ask them to smile

dobbyclub Thu 14-Sep-17 09:22:57

Hi, I've just started a thread about a similar situation - had 3c tear with 1st, now considering ELCS for my second. How was your ELCS?

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