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Lost Mucus Plug

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Disneybump Sun 03-Sep-17 14:46:44

Thank you AtSea! I'm hoping for some progress soon... so excited to meet her now!!! I've just been so tired today, I've only really got up to eat! I wish there was a magical way to know exactly when they would be here, like some kind of big countdown somewhere!

It's good to know everything started for you within 24 hours, wish me luck!! What was your birth like after it all started happening? Were your contractions instantly strong and regular or did it take a while?

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AtSea1979 Sat 02-Sep-17 22:34:07

Yes I think this is it. I had that for around 24 hrs and then labour started properly but I see it's been a few days. I'd be very surprised if baby waits until Wednesday.

Disneybump Sat 02-Sep-17 22:31:58

Hi, my first thread, I am new to Mumsnet. FTM, 39+2 and lost my mucus plug in two halves today. First half went about midday, second half 10pm. I've got some period pain like cramps and back pain but that has been going on for days. Do you think there is any chance this could be it?

I've got a c section scheduled for Wednesday of next week because our baby is breech. If, however, she comes on her own the hospital will support a natural birth so I am really really hoping this will be the case!

What were your experiences after losing your plug at this stage?

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