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Early discharge from hospital

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Hoonette Mon 02-Apr-07 12:42:40

I'm pg with my first and hoping to get out of hospital as soon as possible after the birth (assuming all goes well).
I've heard that with early discharge they'll let you out after 6 hours? I've also heard that the time of day makes a difference...if you give birth too late in the day, then you're not allowed to go home until the next morning?
If the baby and I are healthy, will I have to stay in? Couldn't I just go home?! Can they force me to stay?
I know I sound paranoid...I'd be really grateful to hear about other peoples' experiences. Thanks.

MamaG Mon 02-Apr-07 12:43:40

My niece had a baby a couple of weeks ago and went home the same day

Quootiepie Mon 02-Apr-07 12:46:08

I was EXACTLY the same as you, wanted out asap but at the time I couldn't have cared. DS was born at 10.59 pm so I was pretty passed out that night, still in delivery suite, and the next night was just due to them trying to make me have a blood transfusion. You aren't focused on getting out, infact you may suprise yourself and want to stay! It was only I was desperate to get back home to my breastpump (they gave DS formula rather than try pumping) that I was keen to go. Take advantage of the breastfeeding support, the parenting things etc. while you are there. You won't even notice the time really!

Quootiepie Mon 02-Apr-07 12:47:06

but, yes, you do get 6 hour turn around, but, I have only known it with 2nd babies (not mine!). 6 hours is VERY quick at the time, I wasn't even up out of bed after 6 hours!

MamaG Mon 02-Apr-07 12:48:02

(my niece had her first)

MerlinsBeard Mon 02-Apr-07 13:04:12

i had my 1st at 7 in the evening and was too late to be checked over by DR so had to wait until the morning
With my second i had him at 4.30am and was home by 2. only stayed so long coz i was STARVING!

Hoonette Mon 02-Apr-07 16:51:58

I'm sure you're right, Quootie, and I won't care when the time comes - typical first-timer, worrying about everything!

That's interesting, mumofmonsters- perhaps it's all about if there's a doctor on duty to discharge you? And there are fewer doctors overnight?

Ceebee74 Mon 02-Apr-07 16:54:23

I was told the same - that they wouldn't let you go home in the dark () - so basically you can go home the same day after 6 hours as long as it isn't too late.

Although my friend had her baby at 2pm (in April) and was allowed home at 8pm - surely it is dark at 8pm at the end of April??)

Didn't matter to me in the end as had a c-section

CarGirl Mon 02-Apr-07 16:57:36

I discharged myself (against medical advice) at 2am once - they cannot force you to stay in but it is a big inconvenience to them for you do it but in desperate times you can do it.

iwouldgoouttonight Mon 02-Apr-07 17:03:12

I think it depends on the hospital - I gave birth at 7.30pm, showered and dressed by 9pm and we were home by midnight the same evening - it would have been earlier but the midwife had to go and deliver another baby while we waited to be discharged. I had the choice of staying the night or going home - next time I probably would choose to stay in for longer and get more breastfeeding support - did feel slightly lost when we were all alone at home with no idea what to do!

shanks313 Mon 02-Apr-07 17:03:16

I had my first baby on 1st March.

She was born at 5am and we was discharged the same day at 9.30pm.

I was glad to be out of there as I hadnt had any sleep for 2 days and I got more help and support at home than in the hospital.

iwouldgoouttonight Mon 02-Apr-07 17:05:06

PS. My GP came to my house the next day to give me and LO our check ups. Not sure if they all do this? Your midwife will tell you.

octo Mon 02-Apr-07 17:06:54

Our big hospital will transfer you to smaller community hosp after 3 hours (drive yourself though) and you can go anytime of day or night - that is assuming you are both fit & well and straight forward delivery - usually 6 hours - depends how you feel really. I want to get out asap too ... (we have bugs at ours!)

pooka Mon 02-Apr-07 17:08:07

I had ds (second birth) at 9pm. Because no paed to check him they wanted me to stay. I refused and went home (wth their blessing) at 11pm. My argument was that if they'd given me a homebirth midwife as planned, I wouldn't have been there in the first place. And would have been at home with no paed/
DS fine, excellent agpars and no reason for us not to go home.
With dd, had her at 1pm, staying til 9am the following morning. Hate hospitals, so was a pain but not the end of the world.

Hoonette Mon 02-Apr-07 17:25:41

Thanks for the replies, really helpful.
<Makes note of CarGirl's excellent self-discharging strategy.>

lou031205 Wed 04-Apr-07 11:59:39

I had Millie at 09.20, as soon as I had delivered the placenta i asked "when can i leave?"

Would have been let out by 12.00 (needed stitching), but paed needed to check out her foot & had several emergencies, so actually left at 19.00

umma Wed 04-Apr-07 12:09:26

mmmmmm...well I was like you, had plans to be out as soon as poss! This is what happened...gave birth 1am and went home 1pm (the same day IYSWIM). When I got to the ward around 5am, husband had to go home and I was left in a room on my own feeling very tired, sore and anxious! I wasn't seen by anyone til 1pm when I was dicharged! I couldn't believe it!

So what I'm saying is that I would have happily stayed in longer if I felt like someone was 'looking after' me, but because of this I just packed my bags and went home.

RedLorryYellowLorry Wed 04-Apr-07 12:11:19

I gave birth to ds at 1.20 am and left the hospital at 11 am.

Loopymumsy Wed 04-Apr-07 15:28:47

Message withdrawn

yomellamoHelly Wed 04-Apr-07 21:45:10

With ds1 had to stay in for 3 nights after due to complications with pg. In actual fact the aftercare was non-existant AND I had to handle ds1 myself for most of the time. Would have been far better off at home and I feel it had an impact on my energy levels for months.
30 minutes after ds2 was born was told they'd do x, y and z and then be transferred to my room. Told them that actually I was going home now. Much horror. Was persuaded to wait for paed to check ds2 over (pointless had agpar rating of 9 20 seconds after birth). Hung round all day. At 5 pm (ds2 born at 8:30 am) having packed all our staff in car said right we're off (since I wanted to get home for ds1's bathtime). Paed suddenly appeared from nowhere and we drove off 20 minutes later!
If there's a next time I won't give them even that. I will just go straight away.

yomellamoHelly Wed 04-Apr-07 21:46:31

stuff - haha

CarGirl Wed 04-Apr-07 21:52:02

Basically I self discharged and refused to stay after the subsequent so I could get some sleep - tis the noise and light I just can't cope in strange places!

SlightlyMadSpringBunny Wed 04-Apr-07 21:59:06

On our active birth centre (midwife led unit) thye saaid they had someone go home as soon as they had 'done the paperwork - didn't even stop for a shower' - about 2hrs after birth I think...

Time of day wouldn't have made a difference either. I was given the option of going home at 1am....less than 4hrs after giving birth.

SlightlyMadSpringBunny Wed 04-Apr-07 22:00:34

Oh and hte other condition is that your GP will do the 24hr baby check...not all GPs do this apparently.

PinkTulips Wed 04-Apr-07 22:02:45

with dd i gave birth at 14.50 and was discharged at midday the next day

with ds i wanted the 6 hour early discharge but he was born at 23.50 and there were no paeds available to check him over so was discharged the next morning.

someone i know was told by a midwife though that you can leave whenever you want regardless... in the mw's words 'it's a hospital not a prison love'

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