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Im in labour

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Bekkygirl92 Sun 27-Aug-17 16:40:02

Im in labour first time mum argh help me

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CheckpointCharlie2 Sun 27-Aug-17 16:42:09

Breathe!!!! Where are you?

Bekkygirl92 Sun 27-Aug-17 16:43:34

My sisters house. Having contractions been steady at 7 mins apart but intensifying

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biscuitmillionaire Sun 27-Aug-17 16:44:57

How exciting! How many weeks are you?

Bekkygirl92 Sun 27-Aug-17 16:46:14

41 today

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HappyintheHills Sun 27-Aug-17 16:46:44

Where did you plan to give birth?

Bekkygirl92 Sun 27-Aug-17 16:48:44

The hospital. They are lasting like a minute aand a half is that normal i cant get hokd of mt midwife

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weebarra Sun 27-Aug-17 16:50:57

Maybe call the labour ward? I wouldn't be calling my midwife unless I was having a home birth.

Bekkygirl92 Sun 27-Aug-17 16:53:06

She told me to call her when i was in labour cause shes meant to be delivering her. I went to labour ward about 2 hours agp and they sent me home

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TiramisuQueenoftheFaeries Sun 27-Aug-17 16:55:22

Stay calm, you're progressing and that is good. Do whatever helps you to cope. Staying on your feet is good.

When your contractions are about 5 mins apart and you can't talk through them is roughly when you're supposed to call the hospital so you could probably chill where you are for a bit longer. Or feel free to call labour ward again for assessment.

It's all going to be ok, you can do this.

Bekkygirl92 Sun 27-Aug-17 16:58:26

Okay thanks im trying its all juat a little overwhelming

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Wolfiefan Sun 27-Aug-17 16:59:59

Sounds like it won't be a horribly long labour. You can do this. Breathe. Long and slow. Good luck.

Bekkygirl92 Sun 27-Aug-17 17:05:03

I hope not, but yeah contractions are about 6/7 mins about and lasting 90 seconds. My water hasnt broken yet but have had the show

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flumpybear Sun 27-Aug-17 17:23:36

Call the labour ward for advice - good luck and hope labour and birth goes well wink

MollyHuaCha Sun 27-Aug-17 17:23:55

Exciting day for you! smile

Mumof41987 Sun 27-Aug-17 17:25:42

It still could be pre labour . Have u managed to get in touch with hospital ?? Good luck

Mumof41987 Sun 27-Aug-17 17:26:52

Why did hospital send you home ? I'm a midwife and we only send ladies home that are not in active labour . Did they examine you? Are you dilated ?

Bekkygirl92 Sun 27-Aug-17 17:28:22

Am headi g back up to hospital now as im really uncomfortable and they getting more intense

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Mumof41987 Sun 27-Aug-17 17:29:33

Which midwife is supposed to be delivering baby ? Most community midwives do one shift In Hospital a week and would never tell a lady they want to deliver her baby . Of course if your lucky when you go into labour and she is on duty she most likely will request to look after her community patient ?

Mumof41987 Sun 27-Aug-17 17:30:08

Were you dilated ? Could be head engaging which gives labour like pains

Afreshstartplease Sun 27-Aug-17 17:31:28

Ooo how exciting good luck op

Brownsauceandsausages Sun 27-Aug-17 17:32:19

Ah bless you, good luck op flowers

OuchLegoHurts Sun 27-Aug-17 17:32:19

I can't believe you're on mumsnet right now!

Bekkygirl92 Sun 27-Aug-17 17:33:34

I have a private midwife, so all my appointments planni g etch have been with her. Wil let u know when u get there how i go

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Wolfiefan Sun 27-Aug-17 17:33:35

Don't worry about waters not going. Mine normally go as I am about to push. Good luck.

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