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Ebony12 Mon 21-Aug-17 03:57:01

Hi All,

Help is anyone suffering from a thrombosed hemorrhoids?I have never had piles but they stated around 24 weeks of pregnancy and to be honest were fine just bought some cream anusol and used the suppositories as well. One was quite big and the other just started to go down naturally. it was my last day of work on Friday and boom! Friday night up in agony as it had become thrombosed. Went to the out of hours surgery on Saturday and they said there is nothing they can do so take paracetamol or codine of which I really don't want to take during pregnancy. I have found that germoloids helps and is soothing but going to go back to the docs for stronger cream. I am also icing and will start heat compress as well. I'm just worried as will be having a natural birth soon and due in approximately 2 weeks and thought of pushing with a thrombosed hemorrhoids is terrifying as it's my first as well.

Has anyone gone through natural labour? Also plan to have a water birth..

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Alexandra07 Mon 21-Aug-17 23:10:56

My gp prescribed me to try first a laxative, to soften the stools so the hemorrhoids will not get worse (and of course add more fibre and water in the diet). Is it something that could help you? Maybe you could discuss it with your gp/midwife? I feel your pain... I am sorry I can't be of any more help...

Ebony12 Tue 22-Aug-17 20:34:45

Thanks so much in fact, I've been given some steroid cream and taking prune juice to soften tools plus Epsom salt baths and even though it's still large it's now not as painful so feeling hopeful. My doctor said try and push it back In as soon as it reduces in size as this will speed up the healing. She was very sympathetic as she had them herself after having 4 children. I think I will just have to keep treating as much as I can and as soon as the baby is born be hopeful that they will clear up eventually smile

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