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Longing to go into labour

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Mandraki Sun 20-Aug-17 17:34:43

I'm not even 34 weeks yet, I've got 3 weeks left in work but I'm so uncomfortable and impatient! I am finding myself actually longing to go into labour, the same way that I have been longing for cheerios and cheese while being pregnant. Like a craving? It's so odd! Especially as I know it's going to hurt haha. I know it's stupid and my baby has to cook a little longer but being so close to the time when she could come is torture! Don't really know where I'm going with this just wanted to say!

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InDubiousBattle Mon 21-Aug-17 21:23:05

I was desperate to go into labour with both of my dc. Ds because I wanted him to come in time for Christmas (no idea why- it's awful being a few days post part um at Christmas!). Dd because I was just so bloody tired and uncomfortable!

Eskimo16 Mon 28-Aug-17 00:14:36

How's it going Mandraki? I remember I was so impatient for my bub to arrive, and so impatient for mat leave to start- I went on leave at 38weeks. Baby was born 39+6'and I felt like I wished I had more time to relax before she arrived, I had so many emotional stresses happening in those last 2 weeks that I almost wished baby would stay inside until the storm passed.

Are you working? If I could do it again I would spend those last few weeks relaxing, thinking about baby names, baby room etc and watching series smile do you have a name picked?

Mandraki Mon 28-Aug-17 07:21:49

I'm still here Eskimo16 haha, it's going ok, I'm working until a week on Friday (so until I'm 36 weeks). Was going to be 38 weeks but I've been getting really tired and I think 38 weeks was a little optimistic! Definitely going to use my time before she arrives to chill and get stuff done. Been wanting to go to aquanatal but haven't been yet because I've been in work, so I'm looking forward to that smile

How old is your little one? Anything you wish you had done in the last few weeks before he/she was born that you never got round to doing?

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Eskimo16 Mon 28-Aug-17 09:04:04

Ahh I thought maybe baby might have already come since you posted! Haha I wanted to go on leave at 39weeks initially but changed to 38 and then took some sick days as it was just too hard.
Aquanatal sounds perfect. I would honestly spend the last few weeks just doing things for you because as soon as baby gets here all your energy will go to her. I would've spent more time relaxing, instead of cleaning and housework. Do you have any help for the first few weeks? I didn't want any help but now I wish I had had my mum come and stay.
My baby girl is 6months old now, time has flown by...
Oo a baby girl, how lovely! smile

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