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ELCS (maternal request) Tommys Vs UCLH (NHS) which hosp will say YES!?

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Sazzamac1983 Wed 16-Aug-17 08:37:27

Hi All

I went to Guys and St Thomass yesterday and I'm a bit traumatised as the MW said 'You've come to the wrong place' when I mentioned that I would really like a maternal request C-section

I have a psychological reason for this incl Tokophobia and some other reason (from my past) which I find hard to mention (I don't really even want to discuss it with a psychologist).

I am a totally together person in life, I just have a very establish fear of Vaginal delivery which I will never get over.

I was quite relived about the NICe guidelines and this was one of the reasons that I finally decided to have a baby (at 34 after 14 years with my partner). I am calm about the pregnancy and enjoying it. So this issue from Guys and st Thomass is a kick in the teeth.

My question is - does anyone know if UCLH will be more open to Maternal Request C Section?

My idea is to go there as well (double appointments) and to have two shots at getting an ELCS.

Stick with Thomass? Or go to Both?? What shall I do???

(I can't afford private)

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wheredoesallthetimego Wed 16-Aug-17 08:38:51

You can't go to both, why should you use up double NHS resources? Either will offer if you persist.

WellErrr Wed 16-Aug-17 08:42:01

They'll give it to you in the end but you will have to be committed.
It has to be an involved process as they can't very well just say yes to major surgery to everyone who asks - meant in the nicest possible way!

skyzumarubble Wed 16-Aug-17 08:42:42

Agree you can't go to both.

You will need to detail the reasons for the Phobia with the consultant. I understand that may be difficult - could you write t down perhaps and go armed with the NICE guidelines.

Antonia87 Wed 16-Aug-17 08:43:05

I got an elective at UCH, no problem. They are very laid back about it and told me so. I had Pat Obrien perform it and it was wonderful! Thank God I did as well as I had a high risk pregnancy in the end and the baby had to be delivered early! I have no idea about Tommy's.

Sazzamac1983 Wed 16-Aug-17 08:55:12

Antonia87. Oh gosh thank you so much for his info.

Was this recently?

I think I'm just going to switch over.

Yes I think I'm being a bit ridiculous trying to go to both! (Embarrassed emoji)

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ItsALardBaby Wed 16-Aug-17 08:58:50

You have to be persistent. The guidelines allow maternal request c section. Ignore the midwife, they can be very narrow minded re vaginal vs section

Sazzamac1983 Wed 16-Aug-17 09:43:17

I've just cancelled all appointments with Guys and St Thomass (I feel so relieved) and I am trying to get in to UCLH (although I'm now 11 + 1) eek

Let's see how this goes.

Xx thanks for all the advice.

This topic makes my palms sweat and my heart race and it really isn't good for baby!!

Wish the animosity from the MW didn't feel so personal.

I do understand their POV.

I was enjoying pregnancy until now!!

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Antonia87 Wed 16-Aug-17 09:50:38

Yes, this was eight months ago! No problems at all. They will want to know that you have read up on the issue though. I read all I could and stated I was aware of the risks. UCH is great and I had completely recovered in 72 hrs believe it or not!

NotMyPenguin Wed 16-Aug-17 09:54:09

If you have any problems, speak to Birthrights. They have a well established campaign (including all the legal facts) to make help women get the birth they want and have a lot of information and help regarding maternal elective c-sections.

Sazzamac1983 Wed 16-Aug-17 10:26:12

Antonia87 notmypenguin thank you so so much!!

My relief is immense.

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wheredoesallthetimego Wed 16-Aug-17 11:34:50

have you had your early screening, nuchal scan etc? you'll be too late for it by the time UCLH appts come through

Sazzamac1983 Wed 16-Aug-17 12:01:59

Wheredoesallthetimego I'm just going to have to go with it now as I've cancelled all my Thomass appointments

It's quite panicky.

I'll let you know.

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Sazzamac1983 Wed 16-Aug-17 20:56:02

Notmypenguin I did speak to Birth Rights and they are amazing! I also donated! Thanks for pointing me that way

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wheredoesallthetimego Wed 16-Aug-17 21:01:53

Check the latest dates for nuchal scans etc, if you've cancelled them at tommies and you want them done you'll likely need to do privately as first UCLH appt unlikely to come through sooner than 2w.

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