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PPH - what's riskier big baby or induction ?

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anna345 Mon 14-Aug-17 09:48:43

Hi all,

I am 40 weeks on Thursday with my second baby and am starting to become increasingly anxious about the birth.

My first labour was fairly straightforward but I had a PPH straight after losing 1.5 litres of blood. I never really knew why but have found out recently that it was due to my womb not contracting properly. The baby was 9 pounds 11 and the labour started at 9am and she was born at 7pm that evening. The first stages of my labour were quick as I went from nothing to 8cm in 4 hours.

I have stupidly been googling like mad to try and understand the risk factors for PPH and it seems a big baby over 4kg is a factor as is speed of labour. Induction also can increase risk.

I am seeing my midwife this afternoon to see how things are progressing and I want to try and get some more info. I have been told I need to be on delivery suite and my third stage will be managed but I'm keen to understand what this means.

Also what is better to go overdue so
I have a bigger baby or induce soon ?

Any experiences or opinions much appreciated ! Thank you

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Mandraki Mon 14-Aug-17 20:21:52

Following this as am predicted to have a big baby and maybe be induced. Sorry I don't have anything useful to say!

Scotinoz Thu 17-Aug-17 21:53:13

I had a PPH of around 1500mls after an induced, quick labour at 41wks (just short of 3hrs 30min from the syntoconin drop starting to baby appearing) with my first.

My obstetrician recommended inducing at 39wks with my second baby, in order to manage labour (so I didn't deliver at home/in the car/etc and piss blood everywhere). I had another 3 hour labour and had a loss of around 1000ml, but it was all good. 3rd stage was actively managed with drugs, cord traction etc. I felt far better second time around.

Both babies were around 3.5kgs.

Personally, I'd take the induction. They have your history, they have blood waiting just in case, they have drugs to manage bleeding ready, they expect you to bleed heavily etc.

mindutopia Wed 23-Aug-17 09:15:47

Current research shows induction is associated with an 80% greater risk of PPH. I've not seen any research on large babies so I think it's difficult to compare, particularly because estimates of size by scan are massively inaccurate and can be off by a pound or two. I think you have to be comfortable with your own choice either way, but I would opt for the chance of a bigger baby than risk induction for no other reason.

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