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Been induced

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luckkkkkky7 Sat 12-Aug-17 00:35:44

I'm currently 38+6 and I'm in hospital after being induced .....
Having pains regular
Think this is actually it
Scary exciting every emotion .....
Anyone's experiences with what happens and contractions x

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tobee Sat 12-Aug-17 00:37:22

Sorry no experience, but had to be first to say good luck! 🌺🎈

luckkkkkky7 Sat 12-Aug-17 00:40:16

Thankyou xx

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gillybeanz Sat 12-Aug-17 00:48:28

Never been induced, sorry no experiences.
Have you food to pick at? Lots to drink and a hand to -break- squeeze?
Good luck x

Toriamayrose Sat 12-Aug-17 00:53:46

Oh good luck lovely smile, I have two daughters already currently 39+3 with my third, I never been induced but my sister has, all labours are different may take just a few hours may take 24, best advice I can give is make sure your hairs tied back, have a little snack keep your energy up & only drink water, how often are your pains? & have you informed the nurse yet?

luckkkkkky7 Sat 12-Aug-17 01:02:12

They often like every four minutes ? I'm
Wondering if that's normal after induction really don't want to mider them I feel pathetic ahaha if it's not even contractions everything goes tight and in my bum there's loads of pressure xx

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emochild Sat 12-Aug-17 01:16:56

Oooooo I love a good live birth thread

I was induced with number 1 via a pessary -nothing....nothing.....nothing....BOOM!
-I felt it in my thighs and my bum before I felt it in my belly but things did go fairly quickly once I got going

Good luck

Toriamayrose Sat 12-Aug-17 01:18:44

For me I woke in the morning on both of mine & just knew they was contractions I was having, my sister was the same texted me saying she felt little twinges but didn't know if they was contractions & didn't want to bother the staff if they wasn't contractions, I told her to tell them luckily she did as withing half a hour she was texting me to get down the Hosp they came on really quickly in that half hour lol it was about the same time as now actually & my nephew was here around 11 the next morning smile, so my advice is same to you just let them know your feeling something going on, every four minutes is a good starting point for contractions, how long are the pains lasting?

luckkkkkky7 Sat 12-Aug-17 01:20:59

Erm about 30 seconds ! I have no idea what to look for my first came so fast !
Thanks girls it's bloody painful lol

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Toriamayrose Sat 12-Aug-17 01:41:51

Oh bless you well the saying goes when you have three to four contractions in the space of ten minutes its time to let the midwife know, so your roughly having two contractions in ten minutes but because you was induced I'd recommend letting them know now so they will keep a eye on you and baby smile

luckkkkkky7 Sat 12-Aug-17 02:00:15

I'm being monitored at 4 I told midwife I was having pains and she said it's a good sign ! Just been in the ball and I feel wet down there so think my waters may be going !
Bloody nervous this time round and I want some sleep it's not happening though haha

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emochild Sat 12-Aug-17 10:36:42

Hope everything is ok this morning

luckkkkkky7 Sat 12-Aug-17 12:18:42

Thankyou it's very long process they are breaking waters tonight xx

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RidingMyBike Sat 12-Aug-17 14:34:59

Good luck - I was induced and it was ok. Get the epidural in before the drip goes up though! wink

tobee Sun 13-Aug-17 21:59:44

How's it going?

BringMeTea123 Mon 14-Aug-17 14:12:33

I was induced with my DS in October last year. I had gel and sweep at D+10. It was a very quick process for me. Started at 8am, contractions started (that I could feel) at 8pm. I was having contractions on top of each other and he was back to back but he was born at 7.16 the following morning. Think he was ready to come though, just needed a little push lol.

Good luck! Hope it's all going well! X

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