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Advice - early labour signs

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Viper84 Sun 30-Jul-17 13:14:47

Hi, I was hoping someone maybe able to advise :-)

I am 39 +1 today and I have been having some stomach cramps, upset stomach and I feel like the baby is trying to burrow her way out. I am also feeling sick.

I have started blood pressure medication in the last week, so don't know whether this is a symtpom of starting the medication or potentially something happening.
To be honest I have absolutely no idea, so any advice /opinion would be greatly received , thanks

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gizmosslave Sun 30-Jul-17 15:09:26

I feel the same today!

It's so difficult to know what pains are what. It's driving me insane, I also think I'm looking out for them too much!

I'm 36+5 by my scan dates however my dates make me nearly 39 weeks. ( weird cycle somewhere along the line I guess!)

ZigAZigAhh Mon 31-Jul-17 12:12:33

Sounds very similar to me too! 37+5 here - have had on/off stomach cramps and upset stomach for a few days now and a real sensation of baby burrowing down which often takes my breath away. I have also been feeling quite queasy and as though I am coming down with something - almost a bit like morning sickness again. This is DC2 but as I had a failed induction/EMCS with DC1 I have never really experienced labour so don't know what to look out for!

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