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What is the best thing I can take to friend in hospital?

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Muse84 Sat 29-Jul-17 22:49:44

That's it really! She had a c section and I'm visiting quickly tomorrow ....I'm thinking nice snacks and treats that she doesn't have to carry home?

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Rhubarbtart9 Sat 29-Jul-17 22:52:19

Chocolate. Dried apricots for her bowls. Nice flavoured water. Grapes. Newspaper.

gluteustothemaximus Sat 29-Jul-17 22:52:56

Definitely yummy food and drink. Food in hospital is not great.

Maybe a magazine? Congratulations to your friend flowers

Also, some paracetamol so she doesn't have to keep asking, or waiting for if she needs it.

user1497557435 Sat 29-Jul-17 22:55:54

Hugs & support x
No paracetamol - that's the medics job.

donajimena Sat 29-Jul-17 22:57:09

How long will she be in for? If she's going home tomorrow I'd suggest a card and a present for baby (outfit or a voucher)
I always buy my new mum friends something for themselves such aa perfume, chocs or cash with the instructions to spend it on themselves not the baby. In reality I don't care what they spend it on. I absolutely loved receiving gifts for the baby but I also felt really special having something especially for me

AtSea1979 Sat 29-Jul-17 22:59:16

Yes paracetamol, good idea. No apricots, yuk! Nice snacks, not chocolate she probably has loads of that. Something savoury that will keep at room temperature.

user1471495191 Sat 29-Jul-17 22:59:58

To the person who said no to paracetamol - my hospital said it was good I'd brought my own! Back home my afterpajns were horrific and I asked my first visitors to bring paracetamol as we were limited in what we could buy ourselves.

donajimena Sat 29-Jul-17 22:59:58

That sounds like I dictate not to spend money on the bundle of joy blush
I don't mean it like that.

user1471495191 Sat 29-Jul-17 23:02:19

I agree with easy to eat foods - cake bars, grapes, prepped strawberries, paracetamol and some nice lip balm / small hand cream...

LadyMonicaBaddingham Sat 29-Jul-17 23:07:35

gin and tonic in a can blush I snuck a tin into a friend's hospital bag and it was her best thing grin

ginflumpsandzebraprint Sat 29-Jul-17 23:19:40

Dry shampoo, face wipes, squash and decent decaf coffee

AtSea1979 Sun 30-Jul-17 00:06:46

Yy decent coffee. Not sure about the alcohol unless you know for sure she isn't breastfeeding

Lizibet Sun 30-Jul-17 00:09:44

Maybe comfy pjs if you know her size?

Muse84 Sun 30-Jul-17 07:13:54

Thanks for all the advice! smile

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ClaraLane Sun 30-Jul-17 09:38:45

I've just had a section and one of my friends advised me to take in some nice smelling shower gel and shampoo as well as moisturiser to make me feel a bit more like myself and I must say that it really worked. The other thing I'd say I would have appreciated was a decent sized water bottle because the glasses you get with the jugs in there are tiny and I was constantly thirsty due to breastfeeding and the heat of the ward. My aunt bought my some lovely hand cream too because of all the hand washing I was doing with dirty nappies etc and I thought that was lovely. Plus snacks - anything she can eat one-handed like flapjack/cookies would be ideal. Congratulations to her!

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