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Complete loss of bladder control 3 days after 2nd vaginal birth - please help - catheter related?

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Emma1609 Sun 16-Jul-17 15:30:09

I had my baby 3 days ago and on 2 occasions have felt a gush of liquid flow out with no control, kidded myself it was remnants from womb and not urine. Then today my DH made me laugh when i was standing up and i completely wet myself - absolutely no control whatsoever. I am totally freaking out now and really upset.

I had stress incontinence and cervical/vaginal prolapse after birth #1 but never complete loss of bladder control.

My birth #2 was precipitous- 3cm to baby out in 20 mins, but only 3 pushes compared to 2 hours of pushing last time. 2nd degree tear and stitches both times. I feel generally much much better downstairs this time than last time so im confused about what is going on.

I had a catheter put in for about 5 mins after the birth as the placenta wasnt delivering and they said my bladder might be full and it needed to be empty to help the placenta come out. My bladder had been full. Could this/the catheter have something to do with it?

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AhNowTed Sun 16-Jul-17 15:37:00

It's much more common than you think.

Same thing happened to me and lasted about 5-7 days.

Do your pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the muscle.

And talk to your midwife.. she'll have seen it many times

Emma1609 Sun 16-Jul-17 22:15:47

Thank you - glad to hear it only lasted 5-7 days.

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Junosmum Mon 17-Jul-17 19:00:11

Happened to me but horrific labour so could see a cause if you like. 18montys on and it's so much better. See your GP if it doesn't clear up by 6 weeks

Emma1609 Sat 22-Jul-17 13:27:51

Just to update in case it helps anyone else - this has not happened since (now 10 days pp) and my heavy leakage has gone right down too. The midwife said it could well have been related to the catheter cauing some temporary stretching/ damage and im sure thats what it was, because my birth last time was much worse and i only had stress incontinence not full on uncontrollable gushing waterfall!

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Emma1609 Sat 22-Jul-17 13:29:20

Thanks junosmum!

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stackedcups Sat 22-Jul-17 13:41:38

I'd say it was the catheter! Gave me no end of problems and had to have it in again multiple times to "retrain" my bladder or something. And gave me a UTI. angry Hate catheters!

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