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Comparison- 1st and 2nd baby weights

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JonesSchool Sat 15-Jul-17 05:17:27

I'm slightly in shock, amazing second baby born last night but such a difference in size to first.

Just wondered what other people's size differences were?

Baby 1, girl, 3 days early, 6lb 12oz
Baby 2, boy, 8 days late 8lb 13oz

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WishUponAStar88 Sat 15-Jul-17 05:37:22

Baby 1 9lb4oz
Baby 2 10lb exactly.
No more, Christ knows what baby 3 would be 😂

chocolatepudandchocolatesauce Sat 15-Jul-17 05:42:32

Baby 1, girl, 7lb 11oz
Baby 3, boy, 8lb 5oz
Both four days late

chocolatepudandchocolatesauce Sat 15-Jul-17 05:45:12

Oops thats meant to say baby 2

PotteringAlong Sat 15-Jul-17 05:54:10

1 = 8lb 11oz
2 = 7lb 10oz
3 = 8lb 8oz

Congratulations flowers

BifsWif Sat 15-Jul-17 05:58:07

Baby 1 - 9lb, one week early
Baby 2 - 11lb, 1oz - one week late.

There will not be a baby 3.

Orangedaisy Sat 15-Jul-17 06:15:51

Both girls, both roughly on time, 7lb 12oz, 8lb 5oz. Congratulations on the new arrival!

Tilapia Sat 15-Jul-17 06:19:02

My three were very similar - all within an oz of 8lb 10.

Congratulations OP!

MaybeNextTime Sat 15-Jul-17 06:22:36

Baby 1 boy 7lb 6oz (on time)
Baby 2 girl 6lb 2oz (2weeks early)

Congratulations op! flowers

MamaHanji Sat 15-Jul-17 06:26:19

Baby girl 1 - 7lbs 1oz 1 week early
Baby girl 2 - 8lbs 6oz 1 week 2 days early

Both were promised to be '10 pounders' at all the scans and measurements. Thank fuck they weren't.

elfinpre Sat 15-Jul-17 06:34:03


DD1 41+2 8lbs 0oz 50cm - rosy pink, loads of dark hair, small and chunky. Went into hospital about 9.30pm, had epidural at 10.30pm, she was born at 3.30am. Had second degree tear and lots of bruising and a sore back for a couple of weeks after.

DD2 41+1 9lbs 2oz 61cm - pale pink, bald, long and skinny. It really surprised me how different she looked from DD1 when she came out! Went into hospital about midnight, had gas and air, she was born at 4.30am. Minor tear, no bruising or back pain - really surprised me how quick the recovery was.

DD1 is 12 now and one of the most petite among her friends. DD2 is 8 and one of the tallest.

pinkpixie83 Sat 15-Jul-17 06:36:31

DD - 7 days late 9lb2

DS1 - 10 days late 9lb9.5

DS2 - 12 days late 10lb7

Grumpbum Sat 15-Jul-17 06:37:31

1- 7.11 15 days late
2- 5.13 on due date

Nelly1727 Sat 15-Jul-17 06:39:16

DS1 6 days late 7.11
DS 2 4 days late 8.6
DS 3 2 days late 7.13 1/2

I always thought if I have a 4th they may arrive on their due date! Not that it will be happening!

AllGone Sat 15-Jul-17 06:39:42

DS1, 3 days early, 7lb 6.5oz
DS2, 12 days late, 8lb 10oz

arleybarley Sat 15-Jul-17 06:39:51


First baby - 7lbs 14 - 7 days late
Second baby - 9lbs - 14 days late

yikesanotherbooboo Sat 15-Jul-17 06:42:26

Baby 1 8lb 3oz. Due date
Baby 2 6lb 11oz. Due date
Baby 3 8 lb 3oz. 38 weeks

bunny27 Sat 15-Jul-17 06:46:22

Ds1 7lbs 1. 13 days late
Ds2. 10lbs 1. 18 days late
Dd1. 10lbs 4. 12 days late

Bumponhead Sat 15-Jul-17 06:53:37

Both girls, both a week late and 7lb 8oz and 8lb 3oz.

Rubyslippers7780 Sat 15-Jul-17 06:56:07

7.11 and then 9.5.....

TrainedGiant Sat 15-Jul-17 07:02:07

9lbs (38 weeks)
10lbs 8oz (41 weeks)
7lbs 1oz (39 weeks)

The 10lbs 8oz is now the most petite.

Nix32 Sat 15-Jul-17 07:22:53

Baby 1: 3 weeks early, 6 pounds 13 oz, boy.

Baby 2: 3 days late, 9 pounds, girl.

glitterglitters Sat 15-Jul-17 07:25:49

Baby 1 - Girl - 9 days overdue -7lbs 9oz
Baby 2 - Girl - 3 days overdue - 9lbs 5oz shock

Ginlinessisnexttogodliness Sat 15-Jul-17 10:07:43

Boy 41 weeks 8lbs 5
Girl 39 weeks 9lbs 8

Baby boy due Nov 10th and measuring slight dinkier than them both but we'll see. Have growth scan at 28 weeks

BikeRunSki Sat 15-Jul-17 10:10:34

Boy 37+5, 7lb 10 oz
Girl 39+0, 7lb 3oz

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