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Induction at 40 weeks plus 12 at St Marys Manchester - Positive stories please

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Samila Mon 10-Jul-17 21:03:52

Hi all - I am booked in for an induction at 40 weeks plus 12 days and am feeling anxious about it. My birth plan has now changed and I am keen to request an epidural. I'll be induced at St Marys Hospital in Manchester. Just trying to get into a positive frame of mind about it all and could really do with some positive stories of people's experiences at this hospital and induction and how the epidural worked for you if You chose that as an option. Thank you all xxx

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LBOCS2 Mon 10-Jul-17 21:18:26

Can't help with that particular hospital but I had a very positive (early) induction - it was under 24 hours start to finish, I had an epidural which had started to wear off just in time for me to push, no cascade of intervention, all generally positive stuff.

Good luck smile

Creatureofthenight Mon 10-Jul-17 21:54:13

I had baby just under 2 weeks ago at St Mary's. Was induced, had epidural, ended up having c section as labour did not progress.
Anaesthetist was a hero as my contractions were really quite close together when I had epidural so had to keep stopping and starting. Epidural was such a relief by that point, and it meant that I didn't need spinal/general when going for section.
All the staff were brilliant, I felt safe and cared for all the way through.

Samila Mon 10-Jul-17 21:59:48

That's great to hear creatureofthenight and congrats on the birth of your baby!! How long were you at the hospital for in total? Did the epidural mean pretty much no pain? Was recovery post c section ok? Sorry for all the questions just trying to prepare myself best I can whilst not scaring myself too much xx

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Samila Mon 10-Jul-17 22:00:33

Thank you LBOCS2 definitely swinging towards requesting an epidural

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Breezybreeze Mon 10-Jul-17 22:01:20

I had an induction at 40 + 14 and all went brilliantly.

Samila Mon 10-Jul-17 22:03:00

Thanks breezybreeze great to hear - was that at st Marys? Did you have an epidural and if so at what point did you request it x

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Creatureofthenight Tue 11-Jul-17 10:10:59

I was in for just over 3 days from induction to discharge from postnatal ward. I was given the option of staying another night.
I had a button to press to keep the epidural topped up so was pretty much pain free.
C section recovery has been ok, gets a bit easier each day.

Anotherweddingone Tue 11-Jul-17 10:19:06

I had an epidural after failing to progress with spontaneous labour and needing the drip. It was amazing. Ditto to previous posters I had a button to top it up and then let it wear off before pushing so I could push more effectively and feel them- worked well and managed to deliver DD (all 9lb 11oz of her blush) without any other intervention. I did then have a large PPH but unrelated to the epidural I would think. Good luck!

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