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Homerton, Whipps Cross or homebirth?

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Oooooohyes Mon 10-Jul-17 11:11:35

Looking at booking into one of these birth centres/hospitals and looking for experiences.

We live closer to Whipps Cross but I'm terrified of their clinical reputation, and Homerton looks lovely with better facilities.

Toying with idea of home birth, but every time I remember the emergency theatre with DC1 and I convince myself I want every possible medical option available on site.

Any thoughts east London ladies?

GoodBadOrIndifferent Mon 10-Jul-17 11:14:06

Homerton. Higher risk population so better set up for emergencies. Not a home birth if you've been in emergency theatres!

LumelaMme Mon 10-Jul-17 11:17:03

I'm a great fan of home birth, but if you ended up in theatre with DC1 even I'd say, steady on... Have a chat to your local midwives and see what they would recommend.

Brown76 Mon 10-Jul-17 11:19:34

I've heard better things about Homerton, but know plenty of people including a doctor friend that have been happy at whipps. If you're in Waltham Forest you may be able to register for Homebirth on the NHS with the 'Neighbourhood Midwives", I had one with then this year and it was brilliant. If you're on Facebook the group "whipps cross homebirthers" has useful info and group members who've recently been through one of these three choices.

Oooooohyes Mon 10-Jul-17 11:52:11

Thanks all. Does anyone know if partners can stay overnight at Whipps or Homerton?

Last time I was totally reliant on DH as couldn't move but there were no staff to help me pick up my baby etc. Would have been devastating experience if DH hadn't been there. He even had to be very assertive about getting basic medical care for me, so reluctant to go anywhere where I'd be on my own and in that state.

SamJ2012 Tue 11-Jul-17 12:01:45

I had DC1 at Homerton. Birth support very competent but looking back I was pushed to do things I didn't want - e.g. They rushed me through stages of induction which then failed. I had non emergency / emergency Csection (e.g. technically an EMCS but quite relaxed) and they were very professional and good. But the aftercare was horrid. I was left of ward in v bad pain with a screaming child who wouldn't latch and they were too busy to support me. One of the midwives was nice but several midwives/support nurses were rude and had a 'just get on with it' attitude. I felt really shaken by it all.they didn't let husband stay overnight and wouldn't let him in early even to bring my baby milk.

I'm trying whipps this time so fingers crossed as I've heard good things from friends.

tmc14 Tue 11-Jul-17 14:05:09

I'm in Waltham Forest & have registered with the neighbourhood midwives. First choice is a home birth, only to be transferred in an emergency. This is my first. My two midwives are lovely & supportive, available on phone, text or email and really take their time with me. Obviously have no experience of after care of either, but thought I'd share my experiences so far (I'm 21 weeks).

SpaceCats3 Tue 11-Jul-17 14:25:50

I'm under the care of Homerton, after transferring my care at 22 weeks from the Princess Alexandria in Harlow, for my first. The midwives at Homerton have been brilliant (can only compare to the community midwives in Epping, who weren't), I can't compare to ante-natal care, but I've been under care for other things at Whipps where it seems to be in a permanent state of chaos. Homerton always seems a lot calmer (for a hospital).

The birth suite at Homerton allows for partners to stay overnight (not sure about the delivery suite, but I would just give them a call, I've always found them very helpful on the phone). I've heard equally bad things about the post-natal wards at both Whipps and Homerton, so I think you probably have to take your chances on that with either. Overall, the facilities and the set up at Homerton seem better, more private rooms, more birth pools, regular opportunities to have a tour without having to book, that sort of thing.

Through my NCT class, I have heard that the home birth provision at Whipps Cross is having some problems and the service is not great at the moment, whereas at Homerton they are practically begging me to have a home birth as I am low risk. I would look into that if you're considering a home birth (with all the caveats that other PPs have noted re your previous birth).

If you are in Waltham Forest (as oppose to Redbridge where I am, although still v close to Whipps) you do have the option to register with the neighbourhood midwives, but that's not an option for Redbridge residents.

Based on my experience at Homerton, I don't think you'd have the experience you talk about in your second comment and I feel very comfortable with my birth options there, but obviously have not actually had a baby there yet smile

Littlecaf Tue 11-Jul-17 22:48:04

I was born at Whipps Cross (36 years ago) but my cousin recently chose Homerton over WX as it had better reviews and friends had a good experience there. A colleague chose home birth over both as the home birth midwife team was apparently excellent. Her experience matched her expectations.

Best of luck.

happy2bhomely Tue 11-Jul-17 23:12:53

I've had 4 dc at Whipps since 2000, and one homebirth. The most recent was in 2013.

I would say that the care during labour was good to excellent but the aftercare was shocking every single time. Thankfully, by the 5th baby, I knew to take my own painkillers, pillows and food etc.

I had very straightforward labours and luckily didn't need much support. There was absolutely no support for breastfeeding.

With my last baby, I had taken all of my supplies and was perfectly happy behind my curtain, (which they kept closing!) when a pair of HCA's came in to strip the other 3 beds. I overheard one of them say they were sick of fucking fannies. Which pretty much sums up the attitude of most of the staff on the postnatal ward. When I asked for a pillow they kissed their teeth at me.

Security was very tight which I was impressed with.

My homebirth experience was fantastic and the midwives were amazing. The best bit being that I could get into my own shower and bed after.

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