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Anyone else had an emcs and been happy with it?

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WineBottlesHalfFull Tue 04-Jul-17 23:11:20

I had my 2nd emcs a couple of weeks ago. I don't even know anyone who has had 1 cs (well no one I know well) let alone 2 emcs. So I feel like I have no one to share my cs experience with. When I tell my friends (who didn't have a cs) that my cs was actually really lovely and I'm happy I had one in the end they just seem a bit confused or they say nothing at all. They just don't get it. I once even felt like I was being used as the 'well at least that didn't happen to me' horror story to make someone else feel better (I'm not close to that particular friend any more!). So not sure what I'm looking for...Maybe just wondering if there really are other people out there who've had a cs or 2? And Whether anyone else was happy with how their cs went? And whether anyone else would like to share the things that they liked about their cs?

MrsSquidney Tue 04-Jul-17 23:19:02

I adored my emcs - I work in maternity so my friends were looking after me and I trusted them implicitly. I was knackered after a really long induction and scared because my sons heartrate was dipping with contractions. From the second my favourite doc said section to him being born was hands down the best hour of my life. And the recovery was honestly fine. I was up and about within 7 hours and other than the clexane injections (not good with injecting myself!) and a bit of anaemia everything else was lovely. I'm not ashamed to say my emcs was amazing! I completely agree with you WineBottles! I once had someone say "well you just don't bond with them as much if you have a section" - what a knob hmm

DuggeeHugs Tue 04-Jul-17 23:19:39

I had a wonderful EMCS following a failed induction. The induction was awful and it was day 6 on the ward before I finally had the courage to tell them to stop. The theatre team were fantastic and delivered DC1 safely in a lovely, relaxed atmosphere. DC2 is booked to arrive by ELCS next week as the risks of a VB are just too high.

I've had people try and tell me all sorts of rubbish about how having a CS meant I missed out on some birth magic but, frankly, I don't buy that. If people have a great VB experience that's awesome. If they had an awful VB experience then I'm sorry. What I'm not sorry for is having a birth that, eventually, left me with a very happy memory rather than a traumatic one.

MistyKnightsTwistout Tue 04-Jul-17 23:26:23

I had an EMCS and I'm just happy I didn't end up with forceps. I was very clear I would not consent to forceps so they had to do the CS. It was all going wrong at that point anyway so I'm sure what might have happened if I hadn't been so clear but definitely happier with that than the alternative. A friend had forceps for her 2nd birth after EMCS and has said she'd have rather had ELCS as the recovery was a nightmare.

PsychoPumpkin Wed 05-Jul-17 10:46:04

Mine wasn't an emergency, I was about to have my waters broken as I was having mild pains and a big baby, but because of previous unstable lie, the consultant did a scan in the delivery room & saw my baby go from head down to breech.
I had an hour to get my head around it, signed the forms & went off to theatre.

I've had two vaginal births previously & remembered just how painful the last one was but had been very very nervous about being awake during surgery.

The whole experience was brilliant, I was so busy chatting to my husband & the midwives behind me that I didn't even realise my baby had been delivered until they lifted her up to show me & I heard her cry.

I was so busy just looking at her that the sewing me back up part seemed really quick & I was soon back on the ward, numb legged but in no pain.

I was discharged after 24 hours & my recovery was so much better than I expected.

When people ask me which my 'best' birth was i always say my section. It's something I replay in my head often & it's preserved as one of my very positive memories.

I was so happy to see your post because it's exactly how I feel! Unlike youninsonknow people who have had sections but they all look at me like I have two heads when I say i loved my section.

voobylooby Wed 05-Jul-17 10:57:22

Yes I had an emergency section. Have been told that I cannot deliver a baby vaginally, so will have to have an elective for any subsequent children. I'm really happy about it! The hospital I was at were fab, it was all calm, well supported recovery..... yes it is major surgery but it certainly wasn't as bad as I thought it might be! I have 3 good friends and my NDN who all had sections too so that normalises it a bit

littlepooch Wed 05-Jul-17 10:59:09

My EMCS was the best part of my labour. It was a really positive experience for me. Even though it was an emergency, all the staff were amazing and so calm and the atmosphere in theatre was great. My DH and I will always remember the stuff they chatted about with us and how they kept us both calm and how respectful they were when DD was born. Amazing.

People are always shocked when I talk about my birth experience in such a positive way!

MyfatheristheKing Wed 05-Jul-17 11:05:18

I've had three now, first was emergency and the other two were planned. I had a full labour with DD and she got stuck whilst I was pushing and became incredibly distressed so I was whipped away for a section. I only know a few people who have had sections but when I hear about people's vaginal births and one friend was 'ripped from front to back' im so glad I've had my sections.

AssassinatedBeauty Wed 05-Jul-17 11:27:37

I've had two EMCS, in quite different circumstances. I wouldn't say I was "happy" with either of them because my babies were both v poorly and I was very concerned for them. But the c sections themselves were both fine. The second one was much easier than the first one, as it was a complete surprise and I wasn't in labour yet. My first one was after a prolonged induction, and 30 hours of contractions. I felt awful afterwards and was ill myself for a couple of days but recovered perfectly well in the end.

Because my babies were unwell, most people concentrate on that when I discuss it rather than the c sections themselves. No one has ever said anything to me about not experiencing a vaginal birth.

Kingfishergreen Wed 05-Jul-17 11:36:44

Like littlepooch my EMCS was the best part of the labour. I'd been in the hospital for 36 hours, and in slow-labour for 48 hours before that. I was exhausted that that baby felt like she was NEVER coming out. To know she would be with us in mere minutes was mindblowing. And then, there she was.

Mixedupmummy Wed 05-Jul-17 11:52:49

What a lovely thread. Just what I needed to read. I've had 2 truly awful and traumatic emcs and just found out I'm pregnant (surprise!) with no 3. I'll have to have an elective this time and I'm worried at the prospect to say the least. So its lovely to hear some positive stories.

BaskingTrout Wed 05-Jul-17 21:46:46

My emcs was good too. I feel generally very positive about my whole Labour with DD, even though on paper it doesn't sound good - 48 hours, synto drip, 2 hours pushing, deep transverse arrest, stuck baby, failed ventouse, emcs.

But I felt supported and safe throughout, DD wasn't too distressed, it was all quite calm. The only downside was my recovery was quite slow because I was so knackered.

I did want to try for a vbac with DS but the little sod had other plans and was a completely unstable, mostly transverse, lie. He was spinning around merrily and I had a week on ante-natal (lying in bed, being fed and watching the olympics) before I had an elcs.

Pandoraslastchance Thu 06-Jul-17 00:23:25

Ive had an emcs after failed induction (not happy with it as i feel i wasnt given long enough and was rushed into it as a very young first time mum at 18)

Then had a planned section which went well.

Then after trying for a vba2c i ended up with a crash/cat 1 emcs due to a placental abruption. Whilst i am incredibly grateful that my child survived with no issues i am still trying to get over it 2 years later as it was a very traumatic experience with no communication between staff and myself. I literally remember my partner saying "should there be that much blood?" And then i shouted for midwife and the whole team appeared when she hit the red button and i was taken to theatre, held down by a theatre nurse by my shoulders whilst a mask was placed over my face. No one spoke to my partner, he was apparently sat outside and heard me cry/ask what was happening until i was put under general anaesthetic and he saw bags of blood being taken into the theare.

fifipop185 Thu 06-Jul-17 00:26:21

Another positive EMCS here. DS was in distress and they whipped him out pronto. I was up and walking so much quicker than I was with DD and a 12 hour natural labour with forceps and a episiotomy. smile

valeriarrgh Thu 06-Jul-17 00:45:38

Elective section due to a previous trauma here. I LOVED my section. It was a wonderful, calm, positive experience. The staff were awesome and really went above and beyond for us. I cannot speak more highly of it. My recovery was excellent. I'm a big girl, so they were worried about infection etc but nothing like that happened. I had a PICO vacuum dressing which worked wonders on healing time etc.

I find that a lot of people don't really want to hear 'good' section stories. I had someone tell me they were 'sorry' for me. To which I said PFFFFFFFFFT, I'm not sorry for me. I got just the birth experience I wanted thank you! The only thing that annoy's me is the 'its major surgery' mantra that gets repeated over and over. Like I don't know.

fannydaggerz Thu 06-Jul-17 00:52:33

I had a lovely experience when I had my emcs

Helbelle75 Thu 06-Jul-17 01:22:45

Emcs here after a failed induction. It was wonderful, calm and our dd arrived safely.
Would opt for a c section again.

Crispyturtle Thu 06-Jul-17 11:45:52

I've had a EMCS after a failed forceps and a successful VBAC. I loved both experiences, I'd go back and do them all over again tomorrow if I could. I work in maternity and had complete confidence in my colleagues, I know how good they are and could just relax and put my trust in them both times, which I think really helped because then I wasn't frightened or tense at all. The only downside to the EMCS was that I found the recovery quite hard, but manageable with good family support.

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