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Induction - does this mean an assisted delivery?

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user1497012351 Mon 03-Jul-17 18:28:02

I had an awful traumatic birth with my dd1. Failed ventoose and eventual success via forceps. episiotomy was not done right, anal tears, spd that stopped me being mobile for months.... Pnd too.

I am due for induction Friday and from what I've read seems the risk of assistance is high. Can any of you share your real life accounts of induction? I have bishops score of 7 so will be straight to breaking of waters. Been told all the labour will be on the ward, not at home as I hoped.

RelaxMax Mon 03-Jul-17 18:44:07

Ask for an epidural before they break the waters - it can progress very quickly after that, and you may not have time to get the epidural. Induced contractions are generally thought to be more painful than regular contractions so go for all the pain relief you can get.

I did have forceps and episiotomy after my induction im afraid.

MyFavouriteName Mon 03-Jul-17 18:46:43

I was induced for my second. It was a lot more painful than my first. But I didn't have any intervention and it was pretty quick. But then I didn't have intervention with my first either.

RandomMess Mon 03-Jul-17 18:50:09

I've had 4 inductions and never had any assistance with delivery. Never got to Bishops Score of 7 on my own either envy

You have time yet, baby cold arrive under it's own steam!

user1497012351 Mon 03-Jul-17 19:13:35

relax you see that's the thing, with the DD1 birth I did go for the epidural and couldn't feel the pushing and hence the forceps etc. So with birth for DD2 I was adamant that I didn't want pain relief at all and managed with tens machine only.

myfavourite I don't mind it being quick but I'm just worried I'll get totally overwhelmed by the speed of it and not have chance to settle in and build up using tens and hypno birthing.

random that does give me lots of hope! And I really hope she does but it seems unlikely as I've had hardly so much as a braxton hick. I've been eating pineapple etc and bouncing on the ball which is not doing my heartburn any good. Fed up!

BlumenRoses Mon 03-Jul-17 19:15:45

I was induced for first child- just had waters broken and then drip put up. No other interventions and it went well. I would definitely get an epidural though. I stupidly thought I'd wait and see, which was not a good idea! I could barely sit still for the epidural in the end. Good luck!

eltsihT Mon 03-Jul-17 19:17:22

I was induced with ds1. 1 pessary and 4 hours later ds1 was born. (Labour was about 2 hours)

Ds2 they broke my waters and an hour later he was born

Both were just gas and air n

PotteringAlong Mon 03-Jul-17 19:17:47

I was induced with 1 and 3 - had ventouse with number 1 but he was born with his hands on top of his head and I don't think we can blame him being induced on him getting stuck!

3rd one, no epidural, no interventions.

ReadingIsFundamental Mon 03-Jul-17 19:19:06

Induced with both, just used gas and air and it was absolutely fine. Some stitches both times, but I has no pain afterwards. Obviously everyone is different, but I just wanted to let you know my experience of induction was great.

Nan0second Mon 03-Jul-17 19:20:44

Very unusual to need an instrumental delivery with a second baby, even with induction.
1 in 5 first time mums will need help to deliver vaginally whereas 97% of women who have had a vaginal birth first time round (even if forceps) will have a normal birth after that.
Sorry you had such a terrible time last time.
(Consultant obstetrician)

Misspilly88 Mon 03-Jul-17 19:25:33

I was induced on Thursday with my second. After my waters broke it was very fast, I asked for an epidural but the head started to come as they were preparing it. Managed on gas and air. With no complications. I had also planned a home birth but just glad to have my baby smile

fleshmarketclose Mon 03-Jul-17 19:32:01

I've been induced four times because waters have gone but no contractions. Have had syntocin drip each time but each birth was unassisted vaginal delivery.

buzzbeebee Mon 03-Jul-17 19:34:32

Induced at 38 weeks with first and cervix still around at back. From waters drop being put up- she was born 6 hours later. No assistance, gas and air and not even a stitch needed. Although during transition I was begging for an epidural but that desperate desperate pain only lasted half an hour - he in transition from dilating to pushing. Best of luck

EnglandKeepMyBones Mon 03-Jul-17 19:39:01

My first labour was horrendous. So bad that during pregnancy with DD2 I had to undergo intensive therapy to deal with PTSD. I wanted as natural a labour as possible, my trigger was medical intervention as that had been what caused the trauma last time. When they decided to induce me I was fucking petrified. Crawling the walls petrified.

I went in on the morning of induction, had a pessary then was allowed to wander around as I pleased. Didn't really progress with that but I was having contractions so they couldn't give me another. A very skilled midwife eventually broke my waters which did give us progress.

Beyond that I had no assistance at all. I had to be monitored constantly when I was in active labour, my midwife was happy for me to move around as much as I wanted and just removed the trace when I wanted to. I had an epidural much later (was a long labour), and even with that I still delivered with no intervention whatsoever. No tears either, which was a relief after a third degree tear/ventouse/forceps delivery with DD1! I loved my second labour. And considering I cried like a baby all the way to the hospital because I was still utterly petrified, that's saying something.

strawberrypencils Tue 04-Jul-17 08:19:55

I was induced with my second. I was 40+12 with a favourable cervix. I was really worried about intervention but it was actually fine.

I was monitored briefly then sent to labour suite to have my waters broken. I was able to use their 'low risk' room which has low lighting, pool, birthing ball, birthing swing (!) etc and was lovely. Waters being broken was mildly uncomfortable and contractions started immediately and built quickly. I was monitored for a further 20 minutes then left alone. 20 minutes later my husband was ringing the call bell as I was pushing, 5 or so pushes and she was out!

It was very fast (45minutes of active labour) so my husband and I were slightly shocked. I felt able to manage the pain without pain relief as I always felt things were progressing. If I had had to have the hormone drip I may well have opted for an epidural.

Good luck!

BringMeTea123 Tue 04-Jul-17 16:11:09

Hi user149

I was induced when I went 10 days boss my due date. I went in to hospital around 8am on the Friday morning. Had a sweep and gel put on my cervix. I'm not sure what my bishops score was (nor am I entirely sure what it is - sorry confused). They examined me again around 6/7ish and did another sweep. Then at 8pm I was having contractions.

They came very strong and they didn't believe how much pain I was in (my first child) so they expected it would take longer.

Went down on labour ward around 1am and they got me in the pool to help ease the pain (I couldn't use gas and air as it made me feel awful and sick).
I reluctantly asked for something else around 3am and they have me pethadine (which is awful stuff!) I don't think it helps with pain relief it just makes you sleepy. I think it's supposed to calm you down a little.

I really struggled. I felt like I needed to push while I was in the pool but nothing was happening. My baby was back to back too. Thy broke my waters around 5/5.30am and at about 6/6.30 they told me I needed to get on with it as baby isn't liking it and getting distressed.

They brought in the doctor and baby doctor. I had a lot of people in the room as this point. The doctor said she will be cutting me (episiotomy) and will use forceps. She did the episiotomy and as she was explaining the forceps I needed to push. Which moved the baby. She said do some more pushes like that and we won't need be forceps. I pushed with all my might. And he was born at 7.16am on the Saturday morning.

It was traumatic for me (maybe a breeze for others). But I really struggled so when they could see I was really struggling and baby wasn't happy that's when they really stepped in. He weighed 8lbs 9oz. I think that's why I struggled so much lol.

Just listen to them and go with your heart and what your needs are at the time

user1497012351 Wed 05-Jul-17 09:08:54

Thanks so much for the replies everyone. I think I had made a pre judgement on what it would be like and obviously it is massively different per person and per pregnancy. I'm going to try and just go with the flow I guess and ultimately I am just looking forward to giving birth to a healthy baby and for me to be as healthy afterwards as possible smile

I had some contractions last night at 10 mins apart for a few hours so im actually hoping I may not need the induction if things kick off again today!

MyBreadIsEggy Wed 05-Jul-17 09:13:41

I was induced with my first.
My waters broke 10pm Sunday night but nothing happened, so I was told to go to the hospital in 24hr if nothing happened to have induction started.
Pessary was put in Monday night and I started contracting within half an hour. I had a really good nights sleep on the antenatal ward, and things slowed down while I was asleep! So I was moved over to delivery at about 8:30am Tuesday to have the Syntocinon drip started. As of 9am, I was in full blown labour. My daughter was born at 12noon, no instrumental assistance, no pain relief etc.

BTPlonker Wed 05-Jul-17 09:17:13

I was induced with a pessary, then waters broken the following day. Labour happened very fast, 2 hours to go from 2cm when they broke my waters, to 10cm and pushing. I did need ventouse and episiotomy, to actually deliver DS, but it was fine. I felt quite positive about the birth afterwards, and healed well. I was back horse riding 3 weeks later, so even if you do need intervention, it isn't always a negative experience.

I hope you get the birth you want this time!

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