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FishFaceN84 Sun 25-Jun-17 11:12:48


I really like the idea of hypnobirthing but know the OH just won't get into so don't want to spend money on the classes. Can anyone recommend any books, videos etc that I can look at home???

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nuggles Sun 25-Jun-17 19:37:21

I relied on a Maggie Howell book for my second birth.

I found it amazing and really helped relax me before and during the birth. So much so I refused to believe/feel I was having contractions until I was 8cm. Well recommended!

grainmum Mon 26-Jun-17 05:03:05

Me too, bump (although my birth is anticipated to be CS I've still been advised it should help me keep calm)

TheSleeperandTheSpindle Mon 26-Jun-17 09:14:37

I used the Maggie Howell book too, which was around £10 I think, and downloaded the mp3 from the website, again was around £10. I found the mp3 the most useful and didn't even get halfway through the book so just getting the £10 mp3 would be beneficial.

I managed to get to 10cms at home and gave birth with no pain relief, just used the exercises from the mp3. I really recommend it smile

baconsandwiches Mon 26-Jun-17 10:52:26

The Katherine Graves book is really good and is what is given out as part of the London Hypnobirthing course. I was skeptical before doing it, as was my husband but are now both totally on board. To be honest I would have a word with your partner and remind him that his job is to support you in this no matter what and to give it a try whatever his preconceptions. If it helps, the name makes it sound nutty and it's actually based on science/common sense.

annlee3817 Mon 26-Jun-17 13:05:15

Another one who used Maggie Howell's cd and book, kept me calm and focussed and managed without pain relief.

Ebony12 Tue 27-Jun-17 18:25:14

I start my Hypnobirthing classes next week, the ones I'm doing cost £75 for six classes but if I had my baby at another hospital they are free so maybe worth checking out 😊

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