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Post c-section hard tummy

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CrescentMum Thu 22-Jun-17 08:45:44

I'm quite worried about my post pregnancy belly and was wondering if anyone had experienced the same and has a solution or positive experience to share.

I gave birth just over a month ago, my DD was delivered at 41+3 via c-section as she was breeched (found out the morning of my sweep and waa delivered the same afternoon).
My pregnancy bump was massive. It deflated quite a lot during the first 2 weeks, but since then it's been the same. A hard round bump which makes me still look pregnant.

I'm not bleeding anymore, most of the blood was cleaned up during surgery.

Surgery was performed as I was just beginning to have some early labour contractions, so my body never went through labour. During surgery I was put asleep as half way through I was in pain (what I felt it was my stomach... not sure what actually was hurting)

CrescentMum Thu 22-Jun-17 08:58:06

So... this is a pic of my belly now. It does get more kind of bloated by the end of the day.
I don't know if it's like that because of the way my DD was delivered or what... I'm worried is never going to go down. I was expecting more of a deflated pouch or something.

I just feel very embarrassed going out or having guests over and have read some horror stories of women stuck with a post pregnancy bump for years after giving birth 😦
It's affecting my confidence in particular with my husband, who I no longer want to see me naked.

I hope there is someone out there who can share a positive experience smile

Thanks for reading.
(Ps: I am a size 6, I was 47kgs before birth, I gained 10kgs and I'm now down to 59kgs... not sure if it's of any relevance)

CrescentMum Thu 22-Jun-17 09:19:35

Sorry, down to 50kg not 59! ☺️

IceLemonGin Thu 22-Jun-17 09:57:17

I can't help as I didn't have this after my c-section but didn't want to read and run. Could it be Diastasis Recti?

You need to be kind to yourself, you spent 9 months growing a baby and your body is still recovering from that and major surgery flowers

EdgarAllenPoe Thu 22-Jun-17 12:38:18

You should be getting your 6 week check soon. Be sure to have it looked at. Be careful about stomach exercises, especially after a csection. If your muscles haven't knitted together properly, you could do some permanent damage. Don't worry, there are ways of improving it (google post csection exercises). After my csection I was a huge soft, wobbly mess. I just had a lot of weight to lose and very stretched skin. It did go down eventually, over several months.

mimiholls Thu 22-Jun-17 14:24:10

Could be diastisis recti- if you lie flat on the floor and lift your head up, feel for a gap between the two long muscles going down either side of your belly button. It shouldn't be more than a fingers width or so. You need to be careful with any exercise you do if it has not closed yet. I would find a good post natal Pilates teacher who is really experienced in this area. The right exercise is really important after c section to get all the muscles together again to support your core but you need to be careful about what you do.

CrescentMum Fri 23-Jun-17 09:17:15

Thank you for all your replies. Yes, I think I do have some DR as I have a 3finger gap in between my tummy muscles. I will definitely start some pilates classes as soon as possible.
I am worried that my body still thinks I am pregnant as I never went into labour so my uterous is still so swollen. 😫 I really hope it is nothing other than DR.

TheChineseChicken Fri 23-Jun-17 10:15:52

Search on google for a good postnatal physio - someone who specialises. There are practices devoted to women's issues. You need someone to holistically address it rather than just going to some Pilates classes.

TheChineseChicken Fri 23-Jun-17 10:17:07

Actually this is a good idea in general after having a baby. It can really throw our bodies out and it's good to get someone to help sort it all out

CrescentMum Wed 28-Jun-17 01:45:53

It turns out it is DR. Went to see my gp and got an app with a physio, starting this week!

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