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Birth Centre in Need

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KamilaKaminska Tue 13-Jun-17 14:09:48

A Kenyan friend of mine is running a birth centre in Kenya (in the middle of slums I should say, but this is not the point since FreMo Birth Centre received an award for excellent mother care and natural birth results with low-risk pregnancies) - now, with hospitals on strikes in Kenya, they're receiving mamas who otherwise would be admitted to hospitals. They give birth to prem babies, but FreMo doesn't have the equipment to keep these babies warm! They're using whatever they can - fan heaters at the moment, and no deaths have occurred during this strike yet... Please, if you can donate to FreMo so they can get through this trying time and save lives of newborn babies. If everyone here donated £5 this would make a world of difference to FreMo. The donate button is on the right-hand side. Thank you!!!

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