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Pre eclampsia

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Emmalou91 Mon 12-Jun-17 20:52:56

I've got midwife tomorrow and they are aware, I'm 36 +3 and due to have a c section next week, on Friday I started with headaches and my blood pressure was high, I went back Sunday with one plus of protein headache and still higher blood pressure, and going back tomorrow to check what's going on, if this has got worse what's the likely outcome will they bring it closer or am I likely to be monitored closely till next week?

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shinynewusername Mon 12-Jun-17 21:02:15

It all depends on how high your BP is and how much proteinuria you have. The NICE guidelines on how you should be managed are here

user1487941567 Wed 14-Jun-17 20:20:25

My preeclampsia was undiagnosed. I got to 37 weeks before I had to go in for severe abdominal pain. My BP was 200/180 and I was very ill but without cognitive impairment, no headaches or vision problems. As soon as they got the BP down I was induced and 9 hrs later DS was born in an assisted delivery. I was on statins after for quite some time. I think if you actually have a diagnosis and are being monopoly then you are in very good hands. I was fobbed off a lot but still had a positive outcome. I think they would monitor you and perhaps keep you in it your BP remains high. I was in for 6 days in total.

Emmalou91 Thu 15-Jun-17 04:09:40

Somehow my blood pressures come down and headaches gone with no protein, but still being monitored for my headaches and blood pressure, I've got a week to go until my c section just hope I get there and have the control this time around without being pulled down as emergency! Pre eclampsia is such a scary unknown and misunderstood thing, wish they could find some answers to it x but my dr seems to think it's to do with DNA, I'm with a different partner this time and touch wood haven't developed it yet - with my last I was a 28 week delivery which turned into eclampsia sad with only high blood pressure and a bit of a headache x

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