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Talk to me about ELCS!

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PeachPants Mon 12-Jun-17 11:21:20

What do I take to wear (afterwards)?
Can I BF straight afterwards?
Any tips on recovery?
Do I write a birth plan?
Tell me about your bleeding afterwards?
Plus anything else you'd like to add!

Sorry for all the questions - I'm trying to prepare myself!

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SocksBoatsAndQats Mon 12-Jun-17 11:28:51

Take lovely soft things, like a nightie that you can unbutton (long flannel shirt type thing). You'll probably have a hospital gown initially.

You can BF in recovery, and have akin to skin.

Take all the pain relief and if you can have someone with you for the first twenty four hours, it's better.

Bleeding should be lighter than after a normal birth as they sort of get rid of a lot of it.

TheLongRains Mon 12-Jun-17 11:39:17

I've only had one, and it was a while ago, so I'll do my best to remember!

I wore huge pants! Ones that come up to the belly button address good, as then the band won't rub on your wound. Similarly, High-waisted skirts or trousers, or some loose dresses are good as they also don't rub. Wrap style dresses are good for being able to breastfeed.

I was able to breastfeed once out of the theatre. I had her on my neck/upper chest whilst they stitched me up, but I'm not sure I could have fed in that position - especially not as I'd never fed before and didn't have a clue what to do! So probably was feeding within the hour.

For recovery, I found it not too terrible, but walking upright was AGONY to begin with, and I just wanted to walk all crouched over. Try your best to stand upright if you can. Also coughing, laughing and pooping hurt my wound for quite a while afterwards, but I found that pressing a towel or cushion on the wound whilst doing these things really helped.

I didn't bother with a birth plan smile I just said to them that I wanted the baby passed to me as soon as possible, not washed and not wrapped up. They kinda just asked things as we were going along, so it was ready enough to tell them what I wanted. It was really very relaxed and civilised!

Bleeding afterwards was actually not terrible. They cleaned out a lot whilst I was cut open, so I guess that reduced the amount of blood left to come out. I still used the thick maternity pads for a while, but it's not as bad as I'd imagined.

It really was a lovely experience for me, and I hope you find the same smile

Serafinaaa Mon 12-Jun-17 19:11:17

I had a c section for a breech baby after a vaginal birth with my first. I really didn't want one but I'm so glad I did! A walk in the park compared to my first birth 😂

I preferred nighties with poppers down the front. I wore disposable massive pants for the first week and then changed to massive primark pants several sizes too big ( be warned I've only just thrown them away and my baby is six months. They are comfy!)

I had minimal pain. Maybe I was just lucky but paracetamol and ibuprofen were all I needed afterwards and I didn't need anything after about a week. It was uncomfortable to move and stand up for a couple of days but not agony for me. I was doing short walks with baby in a sling after a week. I was driving after three weeks.

Bleeding was lighter than my natural birth and I had no big clots. It went on for a while though. At least two weeks . It was all much easier to deal with though as I had no stitches 'down below' and no bruising or pain so could get clean easily. The incision wound itself had invisible dissolvable stitches. Now it's just a thin pinkish line after six months. I have no overhang and I'm not very thin.

Good luck 😉

SummerRayne17 Mon 12-Jun-17 19:41:51

Hi Peach. Im glad you have asked these questions as its info i need as well (i have my c-sec booked for this weds...eek!) so i will be following your thread closely.

What date is yours?

fluffandsnuff Mon 12-Jun-17 19:52:02

Just a note on trapped wind. It's horrible- take peppermint tea in with you! BF DS in recovery so no great issues there but it is very frustrating not being able to reach DC when they cry. Ask MWs for help on feeding positions. Also make sure you have snacks and drinks in case you're expected to walk for meals and can't (worth investigating before you go in what the arrangements are). I'd also get a decent feeding pillow. Good luck! smile

Phillipa12 Mon 12-Jun-17 20:12:30

I have had one emergency section and 3 electives, all have been different in length of recovery and discomfort. Yes to the big pants and either a nightie or high waisted pj bottoms, trapped wind is fucking painful, peppermint is your friend! I breastfed as soon as i was back on the ward but did need a pillow under baby for support as stomach was very sore, and have done skin to skin with all. I learnt to literally do nothing except feeding and changing baby for at least 1 week, its amazing how fast your body can recover given sufficient rest at the start, didnt do this with dc2 and ended up with infection after infection in my scar. Bleeding, dont know whats normal but i bled for 4 weeks with each, do be warned that when they get you up go straight to the loo as you will have pooling and may flood. I found a pack of baby wipes useful to freshen up with as hospitals are hot aswell as plenty of bottled water and snacks/magazines. Oh and if your like me i puffed up badly after my section so needed my larger maternity wear for leaving hospital.

athousandsplendidsuns Mon 12-Jun-17 20:26:53

I preferred high wasted loose pj's and they helped hold the sanitary pad I was given to put over the wound in place too. I had no problem breastfeeding initially but be aware that a c-section can delay milk slightly (I thought it was a myth).. We got readmitted on day 3 as my daughter was dehydrated/not gaining weight as my milk didn't come in fast enough for her - the signs are dry lips and hoarse voice and the treatment for us was formula top ups and 3 hourly pumping for 3 days then back to ebf once her weight picked up. Day 2/3 was worst pain wise.. Agree with the others - take all painkillers they offer and don't try to go to shops on day 2 like I did.
I didn't write a birth plan... Figured it was out of my hands. Can't remember the bleeding (and it was only 8 months ago) so can't have been too bad. Also, if you attach a bed side crib to your side if the bed, you may initially struggle getting out because if the difficulty pulling yourself up to sitting. I just wanted to roll out of bed for a while and the bednest was in the way! Good luck!

lazydog Mon 12-Jun-17 20:33:16

Take any codeine based pain relief for as short a time as possible!! The pain of a normal recovery from an elcs (second time around) was trivial compared to agony of suffering from severe constipation while in that condition (my first c-section).

Oh, and make sure that you shave to a minimal bikini line amount (assuming they're not already.) First time around, I thought being unable to straighten up afterwards was purely due to my c-section wound, but it eventually dawned on me that the large dressing they'd applied was pulling on my pubes. Once that was rectified I was much more comfortable grin

SweepTheHalls Mon 12-Jun-17 20:41:39

What do I take to wear (afterwards)?
Can I BF straight afterwards?
I fed as soon as I was in recovery, just as easily as fry om my natural deliveries.
Any tips on recovery?
Take the drugs on time! Rest lots, and if it hurts, ask for more pain relief!
Do I write a birth plan?
Not a lot of point really smile
Tell me about your bleeding afterwards?
Lighter than a natural delivery, but certainly still needed the pads.
Plus anything else you'd like to add!
It was scary, but ok. Good luck!

SummerRayne17 Mon 12-Jun-17 21:02:50

I don't drink tea of any kind, so think i will invest in a pack of Windeze, to help with the trapped wind!

Metalhead Tue 13-Jun-17 10:23:22

I wore over-the-bump maternity leggings for the first couple of weeks.

Bf as soon as I was in recovery, wasn't any harder (or easier) than after my vaginal birth

Recovery wise, the first 3 days in hospital I kept myself dosed up with paracetamol, ibuprofen and oramorph. Getting up and moving around wasn't too painful but I felt quite wobbly the first couple of days. Getting into a sitting position from lying down is the worst! I kept taking the max dose of paracetamol and ibuprofen for about 2 weeks, then just had the occasional dose after that. Back to feeling more or less normal after 5 weeks. Didn't get any trapped wind or constipation!

Didn't write a birth plan, just said I'd like to bf.

Bleeding went on for about 2-3 weeks I think, but not very heavy.

My hospital let fathers stay overnight, which was brilliant as DH could just hand me the baby when she needed feeding and do all the nappy changes!

One thing that surprised me was how quickly they got the baby out, it was about 2 minutes after they started the op! Oh, and I did start to feel a bit queasy as they were pummelling my stomach to get the placenta out, but they gave me some anti-sickness stuff and I was fine after that.

Overall I much preferred my ELCS to my VB, so don't be scared. It's no walk in the park, but it should be a calm, civilised affair and you'll have your baby in your arms in no time!

LittleMissCrappy Tue 13-Jun-17 10:55:24

About the bleeding, when I got up for the first time after the surgery I made a puddle on the floor, even though I had a thick sanitary towel. It was pretty embarrassing, so it's better to take an old towel and hold it in place fo r first time you you get up. Otherwise as others have said, big pants, ugly granny robe with buttons!

PeachPants Tue 13-Jun-17 11:16:31

These replies are so helpful - I'm making notes as I read!

Summer I havent been booked in yet, was given the option and has taken me so long to make a decision! Good luck with yours, and I hope these replies have been as helpful to you!

lazy that did make me laugh, I'll try and keep it in mind!

I am dreading the trapped wind as I can't stomach peppermint tea (tried it in the early stage of this pregnancy - not good!) I read about taking some mints in with me so thought anything was worth a go!

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MariafromMalmo Tue 13-Jun-17 11:21:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheLongRains Tue 13-Jun-17 11:22:14

Don't dread it too much - I didn't get any trapped wind or associated pain, so you may be lucky like me! I did take in peppermint tea, to be prepared, but thankfully didn't have to use it as I'm like you and can't stand the stuff!

TwoDrifters Tue 13-Jun-17 11:50:37

Not to alarm your but I bled for weeks after my ELCS, to the point where I was booked in for an ultrasound to see if there was a problem.

Of course the morning the letter came through with the appointment, the bleeding started tailing off, so I never had to go.

But the amount of maternity pads I needed… shock

DuggeeHugs Tue 13-Jun-17 11:59:43

A tip for when you get home, if you have a downstairs loo as well as an upstairs, is to put a small kit of pads/lanolin/spare pants, etc., in both to save lots of up and downstairs trips during the first week or so.

pregnantgrump Tue 13-Jun-17 12:01:33

It was wonderful. Just lovely and calm and pure joy.
Birth plan stuff:
Can they facilitate delayed cord clamping?
Can they facilitate breastfeeding within an hour of birth if possible?
Do you want your hubby to cut the cord?
Bring iPhone with playlist.
Yes I was breastfeeding within an hour with skin to skin.
Be aware that morphine in spinal can make you extremely itchy. But try get away without antihistamines as can affect milk supply.
You will have a catheter in for the first day. Probably have a think about whether you want visitors to see you with catheter.
Good clothes - night shirts, big cotton undies and those pyjama style soft trousers - great for summer.
Take it as easy as poss for first week then you'll be pretty much back to normal.
Bleeding for about six weeks but not constant or heavy after first four.
Don't bother with those compression corset belt things - interfere with skin to skin with baby.
You'll feel like you have no tummy muscles for a while. Don't worry they come back.
Good luck congrats and enjoy!!!!

pregnantgrump Tue 13-Jun-17 12:02:50

Oh yes.
Accept generous supplies of pain relief on discharge and take religiously for first week.
Only bummer is not being able to do first nappy change etc for first six hours or so as still a little paralysed.

PeachPants Tue 13-Jun-17 15:01:42

Duggee great tip thank you!

I had quite sever and prolonged bleeding after my last (vaginal) birth, so I'm glad I won't be surprised if it's a lot!

Also had catheter etc. so that should be fine.

That's one of the things I'm sad about pregnant - not being able to pick up/change my baby - but there's not a lot I can do about it!

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mimiholls Wed 14-Jun-17 16:04:25

Cs does not delay milk supply as someone has said. It's the removal of placenta that triggers milk to come in- so nothing to do with mode of birth. Cs didn't stop me doing any picking up or nappy changes, so it's not a given you get do that. If you have codeine based pain relief they should give you lactulose, if not ask for it.

PeachPants Wed 14-Jun-17 20:50:20

Oh that's great, hopefully I'll have a positive experience like you mimi !

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DuggeeHugs Wed 14-Jun-17 21:39:35

Peach When they book you in you should receive a pre-op appointment date. That would be a good place to check the policy on how long you'll need a catheter in, etc., which may effect some of your answers. In our Trust one hospital leaves it 12 hours so you don't get up until the next day, in the hospital I used you were decatheterised and sent to the loo as soon as the spinal wore off - 5 hours in my case. For me all lifting and changing was possible within hours. Breastfeeding was also supported right from the recovery room, with skin to skin starting in theatre. Again, your consultant or pre-op should be able to give you specifics on your hospitals preferred plan smile

PeachPants Mon 19-Jun-17 13:30:12

That sounds really hopeful - Thank you!

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