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Mobile induction?!

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Namechange334455 Mon 29-May-17 17:58:50

OK so I'm 40 plus 5 with no 4 sat in the bath crying my eyes out..

Babies 1&2 induced for pre eclampsia. Pre eclampsia managed with meds and induced on due date. Baby 3 induced at 39 plus 5 due to reduced movement.

My first two inductions were relatively simple and worked with just the pessaries. My third induction was utterly horrific and the worst birth I could have imagined. The pessaries didn't work and I was put on the drip, which they turned up as quickly as possible to get the baby out obvs as movement reduced. I was made to lie down the whole time, wasn't allowed to get up and move or walk around as they had to constantly monitor him. I found the hospital staff who looked after me to be really cold and unhelpful and it was just generally a dreadful birth. I had nightmares and flashbacks for a long time after.

This baby has been a low risk pregnancy, woo hoo, so have been given all clear to give birth at my midwife Led unit which does not do inductions.

I'm now getting increasingly worried though that I'm going to need an induction. I've never ever gone in to labour naturally before so how could I assume I would now?!

My questions (seeing midwife tomorrow anyway so will ask her) - has anyone actually been allowed to walk around or move whilst in labour?! Have you had to give birth Lying down too or have you been allowed to stand up/go to the position you want to go to?

I am so nervous and beyond petrified of being induced again that it's making me wonder whether I should request a c section. I'm so gutted I've gone over and not had my baby yet too.

mum2benicole Sat 03-Jun-17 19:13:14

Your free to do what you need to do my daughter I couldn't do much I was that drained by had Bennington labour for 12hours my son was on his way needed the waters broken but I walked around bounced on the birth ball and then had a water birth so just do what you feel is best for you see what happens just try not to stress your self out about it xx good luck

Okite Sat 03-Jun-17 19:41:12

Yes, I was induced on the drip and was mobile. I had remote monitoring so I could stand up, walk around, go to the toilet etc.
My midwife was brilliant and did everything she could to make it as active and comfortable a birth as possible.
Don't forget that it's your choice whether you accept induction or not. If there is no compelling reason (being overdue is not a reason in itself), you are free to decline.

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