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Charell20 Thu 25-May-17 12:15:21

Ok, a little bit of background first...

My first pregnancy was a breeze, until it came to the birth. I was induced, tried both pessary and then IV and after 6hrs I hadn't progressed from 3cm and DD was in distress so the decision was made for an Emergency Caesarean.

Before all this my husband had a full on panic attack in the delivery suite (he has anxiety issues).

I was then wheeled to theatre and given a spinal block, absolutely petrified of needles in my back going wrong, blood pressure soars and I feel faint, overwhelmed and out of control. The spinal block hurt like hell but worked a treat but I vowed never to have another in my life.

After the c-section, I was very poorly, pumped full of antibiotics and fluids and unable to look after my daughter for 3 days. Nurses did a fabulous job though but I felt very emotional and upset because other people had to look after my child.

I am now pregnant with my second child and have a consultants appointment to discuss birth options this time.

I have done literally hours of research and I can see benefits in both a VBAC and elective caesarean.

However, I just don't know what to do, I don't want to risk my husband having another panic attack in the delivery room, yet I'm petrified of having another c-section.

I can't decide whether choosing to have a c-section would be better than having an emergency.

I just don't know what to do. Can anyone offer any sane advice please.

mimiholls Thu 25-May-17 14:25:54

Sorry you had a horrible time. The way I see it is that failed vbac ending in emcs would be your worst possible option and you have roughly 25% to 50% chance of this depending in stats at your hospital and your individual risk factors. To my mind that risk is very high and I wouldn't take it. A elcs is usually a very different experience to an emergency, it will be much calmer and you can prepare for it mentally knowing what is going to happen, where as a vbac can go multiple ways and you are much less in control.
Why were you poorly after your last cs? Do you know if it is something that is likely to repeat itself? Remember you won't have spent time in labour etc so it's possible you will feel much better and recover more quickly this time. I had a very positive elcs and will definitely be opting for another next time.

InDubiousBattle Thu 25-May-17 14:29:38

What were you induced for op? Was it be ause you were overdue or other reasons?

Charell20 Thu 25-May-17 14:56:54

Thanks for your responses, I was induced because I was 13 days overdue. I had an unexplained temperature of 41 which would not come down, despite multiple fans around me. I was in and out of consciousness due to the high temp. I tend to agree with the elective cesaerean being the best option as in sure I will feel more in control but I'm petrified. I will of course raise these concerns with my consultant but just needed some reassuring advice I think.

ladybunnikins Sat 27-May-17 11:29:23

If this birth is in the same hospital, you could also ask for an appointment with an obstetric anaesthetist to go through the anaesthetic notes from last time to see if there is a reason it was so painful (it shouldn't be usually) and discuss your anaesthetic options for this time and ways of dealing with your needlephobia (your midwife might be able to give you details of any cognitive behavioural therapy available in your area to help deal with it, depending on the type of needlephobia).

ladybunnikins Sat 27-May-17 11:31:39

There is a hypnobirthing CD available on amazon specifically for caesareans, maybe this would be helpful for you (and your husband)?

Charell20 Sat 27-May-17 14:44:33

Thank you, I will look into both of those things.

Rainsbow Sat 27-May-17 23:44:35

Just adding for the panic attack fear, panic attacks cannot hurt you. They just can't. I suffer myself so I'm not belittling them in anyway but really, your dp will be fine so don't let that be a reason for your decision.

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